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Location Madison, TN


PO Box 238 Madison TN 37116 United States
PHONE 615.868.6976 FAX 615.868.4637


Member since: 11/13/2011 Year Founded: 1972


We are the FIRST HIGH-END instrument cable that requires no stripping or soldering. Just cut the cable, select the plug and tighten it down. Great sound is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Our founder George L. Lewis was a seasoned veteran in our musical heritage. He was a Pearl Harbor survivor of the USS West Virginia. He was part owner in business such as GHS String Co. and Sho-bud Steel Guitar Co. For over 40 years he dedicated his skills to promoting our fine line of Cables, Pickups, Strings and Accessories.

Our business takes pride in making our product. Everything is made and inspected by our fine staff to ensure quality. When you call or make an order you can be sure that it will be handled with the utmost care. Our customer service and support staff is dedicated, personable and is second to none.

George L’s low capacitance co-ax cable with special anti-stat will enhance your sound no matter what the size of you total rig happens to be - guitar, bass or effects. Finally the true sound of your gear will surface. Do you have pedal board or rack problems? Do you have unwanted noise in your rig or studio? Eliminate your unwanted noise and hum with George L’s.

George L’s has been judged #1 in Best Sound Clarity by Guitar Player Magazine in the U.S.A., with numerous Top Honors and Awards around the world. Along with a lifetime warranty on our plugs, you can’t go wrong!


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