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Santana, Plini, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani

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George Jacobs




  • Original material: 16 hrs : 20 min
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  • CDs sold: 300000
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  • Original Songs: 60
  • CDs released: 8
  • Digital songs sold: 50000


George Jacobs
Guitarist, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Performer
With a musical style similar to Carlos Santana, George Jacobs has been a musical force ever since the release of his 1975 Gold-record album with the group called Chango, and for the past 3 decades, this world-renowned guitarist and songwriter has performed, produced, and written songs for major acts in rock, metal, blues and jazz as well as fusion and Latin American music.
The virtuoso session guitarist has recorded with such names as The Brecker Brothers and the Saturday Night Live band, and he has toured with Journey, Styx, Tina Turner, Robin Trower, Chick Corea, Bob Seger, Fania All Stars, and many other music legends. And now with his group Second Chance, he's more dazzling than ever, rejuvenated with a real second chance after recovering from a life-threatening illness.
George's first album to bring attention to his guitar mastery was Chango, as part of the group of the same name, which signed to ABC Records in the 70’s. The album went gold, selling more than 500 thousand copies. George’s second record was on Mercury records. He also produced, co-wrote and played guitar with a group called Apache, signed to Atlantic records. All the records reached the Billboard charts.
When Chango was re-released in 1975, his work was glowingly described as "Santana IV," taking even farther the fusion of rock and Latin American music pioneered by Carlos. A music critic proclaimed: "For anyone who likes the early Santana vibe, then you are in for a treat, cause Chango goes where Santana let up. That’s right – forget 'Soul Sacrifice' and get ready for some serious jamming. This is Santana IV, the culmination of heavy Latin groove rock. There are few albums ever that contains this kind of energy and instrumental virtuosity and combines that with a strong melodic sense. A true masterpiece and a really undiscovered gem."
Chango is still available today and can be found on CD Baby, iTunes and at over 100 other digital outlets.
A few decades later, George returned to the studio to record more of his own work. He has been in the studio recording a rock CD (George Jacobs Rocks - The Second Coming), and he has also completed a backing track CD called George Jacobs - Second 2 None.
More recently, George's Under the Influence CD has had major exposure and has been played on over 550 radio stations worldwide. The CD, which has sold more than five thousand copies without a major release, features world class players from the Rippingtons, who have over 10 gold CDs.
George has created a new group too. It's called 2nd Chance because just a few years ago he suffered a life-changing incident, nearly dying of a blood clot, twice. The experience has given him a fresh approach and a new found love for his music. For him, it also means a second chance to play guitar and to write great music.

George just completed recording in Miami for his upcoming EP, 2nd Chance - Sky’s The Limit. ASCAP and major industry executives are raving about the EP; and the title song, "Sky’s The Limit," has received considerable praise from ASCAP and radio programmers around the country. George is about to start a National Radio Campaign featuring "Sky’s The Limit" as the single. All six songs from this EP have the potential to become singles.
With an ability to perform most styles of music – Pop, Rock, Metal, Blues, fusion, smooth Jazz – George Jacobs is taking his 2nd Chance for all it's worth!

This Pop Song was on the pop charts for 6 months, hanging around #35. Got picked up by TV Telemundo. Al Altar 9PM every day 9 PM EST. Still on.
I have over 60 songs. I am signed to a music supervisor, but I am looking for my stuff to sell. I write Film and TV stuff.
Sky's The Limit... https://www.miaguitars.com/vid/watch.php?vid=e02153295

A.I. This belongs in a movie, or TV show. https://www.miaguitars.com/vid/watch.php?vid=3b633837d

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