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Hip Hop, Indie, Rap


Brunswick GA United States

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The Dirty South Country / City boy



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Tamichael Honester


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I was born in Folkston Georgia but I grew up in Jacksonville Florida left folks then when I was like 7 took on rapping around the time I hit middle school i really touk it serious when i to move to Florida and heard Lil Boosie Tupac was my favorite rapper as well as Soulja Slim I have one child she's three I'm a local artist sold over 200 60 plus CDs locally play in over 12 different states don't have a very big fan base but I got a thousand followers Twitter and Reverb azwell I've been incarcerated / 5 6 maybe 8 times but yet I still pursue my life and music I'm a great artist for the right person who decides to pick me up I got talent I feel like I'm a month Drake I know real music I can make its at will I can make a classic song I can make Spiritual music I'm pretty much diverse with anything gospel Rock country but I'm very unique as a artist and I'm looking for someone to take me under a wing and put me in the Game and Watch Me Go

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