Gatha Princess

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R&B, Blues, Free Jazz, Caribbean Country, Soca, Calypso, Top 40, Rake N' Scrape More...


Toronto Ontario Canada

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Anita Baker



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Member since: 12/20/2013 Year Founded: 2003


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Gatha Princess


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  • Original material: 00 hrs : 15 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 4
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  • Average Draw: 500
  • Largest crowd: 4,000
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Sinisha Legatha Thompson aka Gatha Princess is a Bahamian singer and songwriter from Nassau. She began singing at an early age after being exposed to singing and dancing at a Christmas concert at church. As she grew, music became a part of her life as she enjoyed singing and learning to play musical instruments. In high school, she decided she wanted to pursue a career in the music industry more seriously so she began making gift baskets to fund her endeavors.

Gatha Princess performs whenever the opportunity arises. She wants her voice to be heard and has done many events including weddings, funerals, concerts, and festivals. Her first released song "Blind by Emotions" hit number 5 on the Radio Charts in the Bahamas and since then she has been driven to continue chasing her dream.

To date, Gatha has recorded songs with Willard Cunningham, Shanton Gray, Maitland Thompson, and Ira Storr Sr. (Backyard Recording, Bahamas). She has also came in third place on the "Bahamas Got Talent" TV show, won second place prize at a work function singing her song "Blind by Emotions" which she officially released in 2011 and has performed at the Exuma Regattas and the Andros 2012 Crabfest. She presently uses her talents as means of supplying their financial needs.

At the end of last year, Gatha won first place prize at the Miami Coast 2 Coast Music Industry Mixer where she has been invited to make a music video. She is presently working with her producer on other songs for her album. Keep up with all Gatha Princess updates by following her on Twitter and ReverbNation

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