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Hip Hop, R&B, Pop


Atlanta GA United States

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Free Hansen


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Free Hansen a.k.a Smoove was born in 1991 in the city of Houston & later moving to Maryland. Adopted by his Parents Steven & Angela Hansen he was given the name David Hansen. At an early age, Free Hansen would find himself singing along to music that would come on the radio trying his best to imitate acts such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Nsync and many others. It wasn't until his sophomore year in High School that he started realizing he actually had a gift for music. He would find himself skipping on his JV basketball practices to go to the studio with his grandfather "a well respected musician named Eddie Drennon" to record songs that he wrote. "I'll never forget the day my grandfather had me look up the word, "word" in the dictionary.  It seemed crazy to me at the time, but I wish I had known how much something so simple would impact me so much back then.

As his high school years came to a close, Free "named Dey Smoove back then" with the help of his best friend, Deandre Coleman aka Dre Cole decided that there dreams of music far outstretched the norm of just being an artist. They wanted to be business men, to own there own label so they founded "VBE" Voice box entertainment. "Music is only one part of the game. Its essentially the your foot in the door" Free said "its what you do after with that opportunity that really counts". With that in mind hr attended the Art Institute of Washington & later transferred to The Art Institute of Atlanta to major in Audio Production where he met His now close friend & local producer Demetric Caldwell aka The Creative DC.

After 3 consecutive years of just turning out song after song after song Free realized that the had gotten to the point where he could go no further by himself & at that point he got frustrated to the point where he no longer wanted to do music anymore. But luckily through the connection of his friend Kim he saw an add on Craigslist that would change his life forever. David approached his now label head David "Metaphor" Carr explaining to him that he could go no farther without a team & that he wanted & opportunity to audition. Metaphor accepted & allowed Free to record with him on the basis of a test period. After recording the two realized that this partnership could propel the music game to new heights & Free Hansen was signed to Meta4ever Musik where he now resides making music that will define a generation. "I want to give the fans what they want, something to relate to & even though I wasn't born in the streets or  didn't have a particularly hard life, I do know struggle and I do know how it feels not to eat sometimes or have someone you love do wrong by you. That's the average American & I tell you what, if Jay-Z only had 99 problems, I'm going to speak on the other thousands we all have because in the end, "Freedom is all I know!"

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