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Indie, Psychedelic rock, Funk, Desert rock Country, Cowpunk, Alt-Country, Alternative, Singer songwriter, Blues, Folk and Traditional More...


Columbus GA United States

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Ween, Tom Waits, The Residents

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Member since: 10/23/2013 Year Founded: 2007


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  • Original material: 02 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 45 min
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  • Average Draw: 25
  • Largest crowd: 100
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Frakers Farm home-grows their music with rock and blues. A sense of exploration outside the box, where the soul feels the funk and the drunk feels the hole - after he trips. Lance and Landon Fraker, along with Courtney Huckaby, are from a little bit of nowhere, but find themselves in the southern fields of Georgia jamming and growing their own flavor of blues psychedelia chill funk.
The band was formed on April 1, 2007 while listening to Jimi Hendrix sing, “There’s a red house over yonder.” But he still had his guitar. With that guitar, Frakers Farm has grown their strain of rock and blues from the influences of Hendrix, Marley, Waits, Cash, and Hooker. The result is an eclectic fusion of one, Frakers Farm.
We want to jam it with you, so we hope you like jammin, too..


January 03, 2011

Shortly before Christmas this year I was treated to a private listen of Lance and Landon Fraker's (the duo behind Frakers Farm) brilliant LP "Moose Love Sugar." It was an experimental, bluesy, funny and contemporary passage of music that I'm excited for people to hear in 2011. My ears are always partial to production that feels outside of time i.e. the sound doesn't adhere to the rules or types of a given trend. The first single (at least what I consider the single) from the album is the song "Bonjour." It's a loping slab of South Georgia psychedelia and dare I say Hog Hop? Yeah, I dare say it. "I like'em all."

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