Food Fa Thought Trell

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Dance, Hip Hop, Indie, R&B AAA, Country, Freestyle, Crunk, Adult contemporary, Gospel, New Age, Singer songwriter, Piano, Pop, Instrumentals, EDM, Jazz, Rap, Classical, Reggae, Easy Listening More...


Indianapolis IN United States

Sounds Like

Cassidy, Lil Wayne, J Cole, Tyga


Grind Tyme Entertainment

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Member since: 10/12/2016 Year Founded: 2008


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Contrell Johnson




  • Original material: 10 hrs : 20 min
  • Cover material: 10 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 2
  • CDs sold: 100
  • Licensed songs: 3
  • Original Songs: 10
  • Average Draw: 30
  • Largest crowd: 100
  • Have sound: Full PA


Growing up around talented artist in his family and watching his big brother "Stef" constantly pursue his rap dreams. "Trell" also had dreams of becoming an artist of rap, so much like his brother. " Trell" also looked up to other artist in his family, like his uncle Sco, Cp and his cousins Mick & Drob. Being around great atmosphere of great music, and expanding his knowledge. "Trell" was on a roll. He started getting his vocabulary on track by studying words he was given from teachers at school. He listened to other artist that inspired him like "50 Cent", "Twista", "Cassidy", "Lil Scrappy", "Kanye" and "Eminem". To stay focus when roaming the streets, "Trell" would rap anything that was on his mind but made sense of it. Thats how he worked on his delivery. "Trell" use to read his brother "Stef" raps and was very impressed about the words and figurative language he was encountering.Years past on "Trell" got better as he grew, he started recording at the age of 13 in "GrindTyme Studios". As his career developed "Trell" started putting "GrindTyme" in the Air! Doing shows, promoting his music on social sites and doing video for locals. "Trell" started getting a buzz. Years of managing his skills of an artist. Rapping became easy, and this became apart of his life. MUSIC!

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