Folk Alliance Region Midwest

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Location Waterford, MI


Member since: 06/26/2011


Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) is a regional chapter of Folk Alliance International (FAI). Our purposes are to promote traditional, contemporary and multi-cultural folk music and dance and related performing arts in our region, hold an annual regional conference, represent the interests of our members to FAI and carry out such other projects as are of benefit to FAI members in the Midwest.

The Midwest is ripe with an urgent independent spirit lurking in all of its corners. It is first and foremost our goal to nurture this spirit throughout the Midwest by doing all we can to foster a sense of community among our members.

As members of a community, we believe in helping each other to develop skills, build networks, and find ways to present our art in both traditional and non-traditional venues. We encourage presenters to cooperate in booking touring musicians and we encourage touring musicians to assist each other along the way. It makes sense for all of us, performers and presenters alike, to come together as often as we can to meet, talk, learn from, dance and sing with each other. Together we will continue to promote the growth of the ever changing world of folk music and dance for future generations.