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Indie, Electro, Rock


Atlanta GA United States

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Member since: 09/30/2013 Year Founded: 2005


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  • Original material: 01 hrs : 15 min
  • Average Draw: 125
  • Largest crowd: 2,000
  • Have sound: Partial PA
  • Original Songs:
  • CDs released: 4
  • CDs sold: 2000


"The next big thing" "..a breath of fresh air" "...a band unique to earth itself" these distinctions describe the Atlanta based indie electro soul band Fishhawk. Formed in 2006 by co-masterminds Andy "Andramadon" Slagle (producer and multi-instrumentalist) and Nick Nickerson (lead vocalist and lyricist), Fishhawk took the Atlanta music scene by storm with a sound that one prominent Atlanta critic likened to "what the soundtrack to the Vietnam War would be if it was occurring today!" This transcendent duo have since released two LPs "Fishhawk" and "Bells Underwater" to critical acclaim throughout the Southeast, drawing comparisons from Gnarls Barkley to David Bowie; and the massive in scope, Sci-Fi concept EP, "Spacehawk" (all available on iTunes for your listening pleasure). With their new album, "Bee", Fishhawk has painted a new sonic palette incorporating more copious live instrumentation and an arena-ready aura. With its pulse pounding rhythms, soaring, catchy melodies and a dance friendly atmosphere, "Bee" represents Fishhawk at its most definitive and timeless. As a part of the "Shoes for Running Tour" with Big Boi of Outkast and Killer Mike, the duo toured this epic statement for a national audience to a universally rapt reception. There are bands that make you think, there are bands that make you dance and bob your head, Fishhawk is the rare occurrence that accomplishes both.

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