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Dance, Rock, Classic Rock


Livonia MI United States

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Rock Oldies of the 1960s and 1970s

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Member since: 05/05/2012 Year Founded: 2002


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Vic Favot


Songwriter / Musician 248.302.2773


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  • Cover material: 04 hrs : 30 min
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  • Average Draw: 100
  • Largest crowd: 200
  • Have sound: Full PA


Favorites was formed to play the music that we grew up with from the 1960s, 70s. and 80's We specifically target the market of individuals in the 40 to 60+ year old age group. We have found that people in this group generally have higher incomes and the time to enjoy and spend their money on entertainment.

We have found that our music also appeals to many younger people who also appreciate the nostalgia and the quality of the music we present. We have played at many celebrations, festivals, lounges and take pride in our ability to entertain a wide variety of musical tastes with our music and showmanship. We offer many decades of musical experience, professional equipment and a professional presentation that can help make your event a success.

Click on our You tube video on this page for a sampling of the Favorites.

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