Executive Row

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R&B, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop Dozy More...


Omaha NE United States

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Chris Brown, Bone Thugs and Harmony



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Member since: 12/02/2012 Year Founded: 2012


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Rasheed Allison


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Kevin Estell



  • Original material: 03 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 02 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 0
  • CDs sold: 0
  • Digital songs sold: 10
  • Original Songs:
  • Average Draw: 150
  • Largest crowd: 300
  • Have sound: No PA


Executive Row was started In June of 2012 and has gone through a lot of trials, and changes in such a short period of time. Beginning with Spoozy Ali (Rasheed Allison) and Rayo Payne (Rickey Oliveros), from the very first appearance, they turned heads. People were immediately saying they were like nothing ever seen before. At this point they called themselves R and S (Rayo and Spoozy) which they spelled as "Arinesse". Once they started doing shows, people started coming up to them with offers and also wanting to Join the two. Eventually they added Mecia Augustine to the group, and a change of name was in order. Spoozy Ali came up with the name Executive Row. A month or so later, Holly Davis was added to the group, and not soon after that, Kevin Estell. Due to issues with Rayo Payne not being able to make it to performances and photoshoots, he was removed from the group in November 2012. Now the allstar line up of Spoozy Ali, Holly Davis, Lil Meesh and Kingfoot has a brighter future than ever with their top two mottos being:

At lease when we arent on top, theres nowhere to go but up!


Our aim is only to move forward!

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