Emilio Basa

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Singer songwriter, Pop, Soul


Detroit MI United States

Sounds Like

Dave Matthews, Ray LaMontagne, Ryan Adams

Digital Location

http://www.emiliobasa.com musicpage.com/emiliobasa


Member since: 07/25/2012 Year Founded: 2002


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Emilio Basa


Performer 248.227.3908


  • Original material: 03 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 30 min
  • CDs released: 2
  • CDs sold: 500
  • Digital songs sold: 100
  • Original Songs:
  • Average Draw: 50
  • Largest crowd: 200
  • Have sound: Partial PA


Emilio Basa is an artist that lives, breathes, and loves his craft. With all the new terms being thrown around, it is hard to hold Emilio to a specific style. He has always made it a priority to forge his own artistic path, making each step a beat all his own.

A singer/songwriter from the Detroit area, Emilio’s sound can be described as a mixture of pop, folk, and funk. He has been compared to the likes of Jeff Buckley, Tracy Chapman, Jason Mraz, and Jack Johnson. It takes a special artist who has the ability to grab you by your insides then give ‘em a good tug and Emilio Basa is one of those people. His mission: to keep making music.

Inducted into the world of music at a young age, lessons in piano, violin and vocals has led Emilio to be the accomplished musician he is today. Taking influences from a wide variety of artists that range from the Counting Crows, Stevie Wonder, and Led Zeppelin, he has been involved with a plethora of many different projects. Playing in groups such as Primer, Resident Alien, Green Eyed Red, and Selfmeyi.

"I love all kinds of music. I'm constantly trying to push myself to not make the same sound over and over again. That's why I like working on all kinds of projects because that work influences my solo music also."

Basa has been on heavy rotation on many college radio stations and is receiving airplay on multiple international stations. Even though his most current album "To the End" is still receiving rave reviews, Emilio is always writing new material. Currently wrapping up production on his 2rd album, he is setting his sights on the road and booking shows for a Mid-west tour.

The Impaler Speaks

March 01, 2013
The Impaler Speaks

"Emilio Basa is one to watch. Just don’t wait too long to get on board, or you’ll find yourself lost in a sea of admirers in the back of the room instead of in the thick of things where the real party is in full swing."

Inhale Time

February 01, 2013
Inhale Time

"...brimming full of meaning and it is clear that both heart and soul went into the composition and performance..."

itMatters Radio

January 19, 2013
Monica Brinkman

"One of the most diversifed, up and coming talents we have had the pleasure to guest on our show."

The Write Dream

August 07, 2012
Jeff Write

"His music speaks volumes of soul and energy that on many levels outperforms many artists today."

The Southside

March 09, 2011
The Southside

"He will not only amaze the ears but also fill the heart with raw vocal emotions under a vibrant yet soulful sound."

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