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Location Oakland, CA


5427 Telegraph Ave Ste M Oakland CA 94611 United States
PHONE 510.325.1029 FAX 415.333.8166 www.embstudios.com musicpage.com/embstudios


Member since: 06/26/2011


At EMBS we are all about telling stories with images and sound. A full-service filmmaking, photography, and music making facility, we have the infrastucture, equipment, and expertise to work with any sized project; from multi-million dollar feature films to small independent short films; nationally broadcast commercial campaigns to web-based promo videos; label supported band albums to helping indie artists put the sweet stuff into their music recordings.

People & Equipment We love making films, creating images that have never been seen, and sounds that add depth to a story. We confess, our inner geeks demand working with state of the art tools: cameras, lights, recorders, mics, etc. We pride ourselves on bringing great tools, workflows, and proven best practices to your produciton. For example our new Red Epic-M camera with HDRx and 300FPS!