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Location Lansing, MI


Member since: 08/09/2011


We're a real music store, since 1972: No basement-run Internet shop, no warehouse with a computer terminal, just a real store with real people (most of whom are musicians) here to help you in any way we can. Our instruments are displayed between other instruments, not between the vacuum cleaners and the microwave ovens. Come in and play any of our instruments. You don't have to ask permission, and whether you're buying or just dreaming, it's fun. Or if you can't make it in, we can play the instrument for you over the phone. (Testimonials)

Competitive pricing: We work hard to bring you the lowest price we can. Compare-we think you'll find our prices are fair and that they stand up to the competition.

One-stop shopping: Stringed instruments, accessories, books, CDs, instrument parts, repairs, and much, much more. We sell everything you need to learn an instrument or to improve your musical skills.

Thousands of instruments in stock: More guitars. More banjos and mandolins. We have the instrument (or the amp or the effect, etc.) new or used - that is right for you, including many built by individual craftsmen that other stores just don't carry.

We ship faster than ever: We're shipping over 95% of our orders within 24 business hours. And for many of our orders, we're shipping same day. We also offer some enhanced shipping options that will further minimize your wait - all so you can enjoy your purchase as soon as possible.

Ready-to-play instruments: Our repair staff inspects and sets up every new instrument we sell so that you get the best playing and sounding instrument possible. Fresh-out-of-the box is not necessarily a good thing for an instrument, we make sure it's right or it goes back in the box and back to the factory. Experienced repair shop: Our staff of 10 repair people has over 150 combined years of experience. No repair is too big or too small. We are a factory authorized repair/service center for many of the stringed instruments we carry. We know our stuff, inside and out.

We accept trade-ins: Whether you're upgrading, changing instruments or simply building your collection, we can help. You can trade in your instrument, consign it for sale, or we could buy it from you.

We also stock hundreds of used and vintage instruments: Our practice of accepting trade-ins as well as consigning and buying instruments gives us a steady stream of used/vintage instruments to offer for sale. Many are set-up and repaired as necessary by our repair shop, while some are offered "as-is", requiring as little as re-stringing and minor set-up. Those instruments requiring more extensive repairs can be great projects for the "do-it-yourself" enthusiast.

We have the answers: We play what we sell. We teach what we sell. Like you, we're musicians and we care about instruments and the people who play them. We care about you, and we care about music.


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