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Location Louisville, KY


2226 Bardstown Rd Louisville KY 40205 United States
PHONE 502.452.1799 FAX 502.459.8130 www.earx-tacy.com musicpage.com/earxtacyrecords


Member since: 10/25/2011 Year Founded: 1985


John Timmons first began ear X-tacy records as a small mail order operation that he ran out of his apartment. As John's customer base grew larger, he realized that he needed to open an actual store.

In 1985, the first ear X-tacy was born in Louisville, KY.

Over the next 10 years, ear X-tacy went through various moves until finding a permanent home on Bardstown Road in 1995.

In the last few years the store has continued to host more and more live concerts & special events and strengthened its community outreach... while embracing new media... staying open-minded and helping to "keep Louisville weird."

Over the years, the store has gone through extensive changes but the basic philosophy has remained the same: ear X-tacy is the kind of place where anyone from indie kid to octogenarian is welcome... where emerging local artists and national touring bands play free all-ages concerts each week...

Building a strong independent culture is our everyday mission. We're thankful for the amazing support we have in Louisville and for the people that travel from far and wide to visit the store. We're happy to say that 2010 marked our 25th Anniversary!


12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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