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Location Watertown, MA


11 Appleton St Watertown MA 02472 United States
PHONE 781.209.1985 www.dveemedia.com musicpage.com/dveemedia


Member since: 06/26/2011



What makes Dvee Media Productions special is the core team. These people are not merely delegators overseeing the production process. These ARE the artists and people doing the work and making the production decisions.

The creative team works with the client in the process of budgeting, generating ideas, writing scripts, production, scheduling, and problem-solving. You are working and consulting directly with the team that is creating and designing the final product. This allows for the highest quality production, without adding overhead costs.

Finally, the most important factor is that the team is dedicated, has an invested interest, is highly skilled and knowledgeable, artistic and creative, and has the experience and success behind it for a rewarding production process.