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Electronic, EDM, Alternative, World Fusion Acid Jazz, Dance, Ambient, Disco, House, Drum and Bass, Indie, Techno, Jazz, Latin Jazz More...


Fairbanks AK United States

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Wendy & Lisa, Bonobo, World Sounds

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Member since: 02/13/2017 Year Founded: 2016


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Veronica Martinez


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  • Original material: 00 hrs : 40 min
  • CDs released: 1
  • Digital songs sold: 2
  • Original Songs: 11
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  • Licensed songs: 11


Indie musical artist Ronni Martinez aka DJ Rhani/Mehanes, will be the first to tell you she's more artist than musician. In college, she studied Graphic Design and Art History. She also writes and was working on a novel about the time she began playing with electronic samples. That was in 2016. She admits the novel kind of fell by the wayside because she couldn't seem to stop making (and wanting to make more) music.

Born in Seattle, she came from a military background - much of her childhood and teen years were spent in Germany. She's also a former soldier and during her time in, she was stationed in the middle of the Sinai desert with a small peacekeeping force. Thankfully, she saw no action but believes it was a pivotal time, serving as a catalyst for her creativity and a changing spirituality.

Ronni has always been imaginative - claiming she did nothing but draw from the age of 4, and began writing short stories and poetry to amuse herself at the age of 9. But music has always been a part of her life. Her late father gave her a love of Jazz, Jazz Fusion and Latin Jazz, her mother of Classical, R&B, Rock, Funk and World music.

She's learned that creating music is probably as enjoyable (if not better) than simply listening to it. She is inspired by artists such as the late producer Nujabes, Bonobo, FaltyDL, Little Dragon, Phantogram, Kodomo and Angelique Kidjo to name a few.

She describes her sound as simple, rhythmic, mellow, and at times moody and meditative.

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