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1290 Heritage Place Westlake Village CA 91362 United States
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Member since: 06/26/2011


Dear Friends;
My name is Gary Guenot and I’m the president of Digital Media West.

We do what we do because we like doing it and we’re very good at it! We’re very successful because we understand what makes customers want to keep coming back.

Our dedication to customer service is unmatched anywhere. We are thankful to all of our customers, and it shows.

This short piece aimed at describing our business was written by me because the thinking here was; “who better to tell the Digital Media West story”.

When sizing up a company to determine if it is the right one for you, consider doing what I do: Weigh the prospective company's weak points against its strong ones. First, let me list for you our weaknesses... Now that I've finished, let me list for you our strengths:

Product quality (the absolute BEST)
Service (tuned to perfection)
Versatility (a wide variety of products and services)
Experience (Working in the media field since 1966)
Equipment (the latest and the BEST)
Price (as good as any, you be the judge!)

More than anything, we want to be the duplication company that all others are judged by.

Whether you need 10 pieces or 10,000,000...
D.M.W. will deliver.

We use the latest and best "cutting edge" technology to process your order. Our facility is fully automated thus lessening the possibility of human error.

One of our secrets for success has always been and will always be our relentless pursuit of the finest products available. Fully 90% of all vendors who call on us, never sell to us. We insist on the best!

And our pursuit of the best doesn't end with raw cassettes, tape and disc media... We use the finest;

Corrugated for shipping...
Sleeves, plastic boxes and jewel cases...

It must give our competitors fits, knowing that D.M.W. uses the best materials, has the best equipment and has the best and most skilled staff of professionals possible!

If you feel like you've been "rolling the dice" every time you place an order for media creation & duplication, then give us a call.

Service is a complicated thing. Sure, we're nice when you call, but service is more than that. Service is: Being on time, all the time! Staying late to meet a deadline... Being flexible enough to handle last minute changes even though the job has already been started... Answering all of your questions and addressing all of your concerns... Being your ally, someone who can be trusted to "bring home the bacon" Service is serious stuff at D.M.W.! It's as important as product quality and price... Maybe more so.

You can supply us with your cassette or disc packaging, choose a generic product of ours or have custom printed packaging made. We can assist you with your design and even make the arrangements with the printer for you.

Your packaging elements and masters can be stored at D.M.W. free of charge. Our fulfillment capabilities allow us to send or deliver your entire order to one location, or to several. Our computerized shipping system will even tell us which is the cheapest and fastest carrier to use. It's not likely that you'll ever hear us say "sorry, we can't do that for you".

We've been working in the Media duplication field since 1974. We have extensive experience dealing with 35mm and 16mm film, all formats of videotape and the newer disk technologies. But just as important is the experience we have in dealing with companies and with people. We are logical in our thinking and professional in our work.

Only the latest and greatest equipment is used at D.M.W. Our full–time engineering department keeps everything tuned to perfection. We're very proud of our facility and invite you to stop by anytime for a tour. You'll find bigger facilities, but none nicer.

How does such a fine facility, using premium products and equipment offer such reasonable pricing?

We're efficient...
We're not greedy...
We're usually very busy...

My employees and I will be ready to assist you when you decide to take the “Digital Media West Plunge”, and we hope it will be soon...


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