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At dB down, LLC, we custom design and build Isolation Cabinets (also called Iso Cabs) with a unique difference.

Guitarists purchase specific Combo Amps for a specific sound and then spend hours dialing in volume, tone, and gain settings to achieve a desired sound. And since tube amps really don’t “warm up” with the volume turned way down, for the best sound they need to be turned up.

Herein is the dilemma for the guitarist; how to achieve the desired sound, and yet not cause permanent hearing impairment to the neighbors three houses down (not to mention those living in closer proximity)? The choices are:

Turn down the volume and gain controls to preserve hearing and domestic peace (sacrifice: “the sound”)
Hide the combo amp in some room far away from everyone to preserve “the sound” (sacrific: intellegability and need a much longer cord)
Get an Iso Cab

Most Isolation Cabinets on the market today share a single design ~ an external speaker encased in a sound deadening enclosure with single or dual microphones mounted inside to transfer the sound to an external mixing source.

This design is great IF the speaker in the Iso Cab matches the speaker in the Combo Amp, OR if the guitarist wants a different sound other than what is produced by the built-in speaker of the Combo Amp.

The problem, then, is most of the time, the speaker does not match and the guitarist must then change the settings on the amp to try and recreate the “sound” produced by the native speaker. Then, of course, there is the fact that there is another “box” to cart around with all the other “boxes” of pedals, guitars, and cords.


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