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Cincinnati OH United States

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Danielle Adkins




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My name is Danielle Adkins and I'm 20 years old. I started writing songs starting at the age of seven years old and fell in love. I love the story telling and sharing my personal life in a different form. I did many years in choir and had always loved singing. Music plays a huge role in my life and I honestly couldn't picture myself doing anything else. My preference is Country music. Country music is ideal for storytelling and I'm kind of a country girl at heart. I'm not that experienced but if someone would just take a chance on me I would continually strive and give it my everything. I wouldn't complain about constant practice and I'm always open minded and can listen well. I know there is a risk someone might be taking of helping me but I assure you I really really want this. I may not be able to play much on instruments but I can sing and write my own song lyrics.
If you're still reading thank you.

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