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Adult contemporary, Electronic, Classical, Instrumentals Keyboards More...


Omaha NE United States

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http://www.MyOwnAnthony.com musicpage.com/danaandreasen


Member since: 09/27/2016 Year Founded: 2016


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Gina Love-Aguilar


Piano 531.203.6323 [email protected]


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Gina Love-Aguilar is a Contemporary Composer/ Music Producer and Indie Music Label Owner, and has been since September of 2011, when she wrote, recorded, and produced the album's: "Reflection's", by Mark Kurtz on piano, in 2011, and "Hold Me", by Denise Kolar on piano, in 2012, under the indie label, www.MyOwnAnthony.com

Ms. Love-Aguilar received recognition, by YouTube.com, for her album's: "Reflection's", and "Hold Me", for the tracks: "Pretty Guitarist", "Hold Me", and "Jessica's Harmony", under their Contemporary Classical Music Video category, in the year 2012.

Gina Love-Aguilar was born , on February 23, 1960, in Omaha, Nebraska, to U.S. military parents. Because of this, Gina is well traveled, but, she makes her home in Omaha, Nebraska today.

The album, "Dana Andreasen Dark Dusk Written by Gina Love-Aguilar", released in June 2016, is Ms. Love-Aguilar's latest effort. It features light contemporary classical music, with Dana Andreasen on keyboards, and all digital accompaniments.

To sample and or purchase her music, go to: www.CDBaby.com, www.iTunes.com, www.amazon.com, or www.MyOwnAnthony.com

Mi2N (Music Industry News Network)

September 02, 2016
Olivia Rae

Gina Love-Aguilar Composes Melodies For The Masses

Songwriter Looks To Buckle Down For Dark Dusk Follow Up

Omaha, Nebraska- September 2, 2016 - Songs would be nothing without a songwriter, a composer with a pen in hand crafting the lyrics and the notes into arrangements that will then go on to be performed. Some, like Taylor Swift, write, and then deliver what they wrote. And others, like Gina Love-Aguilar, simply create and then allow other artists to come in and put their musical touch on her compositions. With a trio of albums under her belt, she is planning on adding a new one in the near future.

Working with a variety of hired artists, Love-Aguilar sets out to find the best in their craft to work with her on her previous records. For those albums, she worked with Mark Kurtz, Denise Kolar, Mark T. Nelson and Dana Andreasen. That is so far, though, and she is always open to collaborating with new talents on her music that falls into the light, contemporary classical genre. So, most would compare it to an easy listening experience as it's both gentle and relaxing.

Over the past five years, Love-Aguilar has composed three albums: Reflections, Hold Me, and her latest- this year's Dark Dusk. Released in June, she and the artist who provided the music, Dana Andreasen, are currently pushing the album to blogs and listeners alike. With that, Love-Aguilar hopes to start work on her follow up release.

Those interested in reviewing Dark Dusk, speaking with Love-Aguilar about Dark Dusk, or working with her, can reach her via the information provided below:

[email protected]

cell: (531)203-6323

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