Dadd's Production

  • Recording Studio
  • CD Duplication
  • Distributor (Music)
  • Mastering
  • Music Video Production
  • Production Company
  • Cropped studio

Location Garden City, GA


1101 Chatham Pkwy B5 Garden City GA 31408 United States
PHONE 912.401.0071


Member since: 08/09/2011


Dadd's Production Inc. was founded by CEO Eric Winbush in 1992. While tasting the touring life with Major recording artist "THE SOS BAND¨. his vision was to try present all of the benefits, perks, and plushes, he experienced on the road to his locally signed talents. This includes prepping, grooming, and training the artist to present a professional performance, presence, and product.

Dadd's Production is a Savannah based independent record company that is committed to the artist first.
We are fully equipped to cater to all of your entertainment and production needs including:writing music and lyrics,recording, mixing and mastering, marketing, pressing and manufacturing products, booking, staging, and tour support.