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Location Portland, OR


CLOSED Portland OR 97209 United States


Member since: 06/26/2011 Year Founded: 1987
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Studio A
has a 40 input super analog Trident TSM mixing console, lots of vintage analog outboard gear, & more fancy mics then ever. Pro Tools HD9, & analog 24 track.

Studio A is one of the largest recording spaces in the NW & a great sounding room for all kinds of music. There is a house drumkit, Hammond organ, 7' Grand piano, guitars & an extensive collection of guitar amps, & stompboxes. Plenty of fresh coffee. Our rates are comparable to similarly equipped facilities. We have interns and assistant engineers to make you comfortable for extended stays. Just ask March Fourth & Pink Martini who are recording with us.

We are located near the Pearl in beautiful NorthWest downtown Portland. We put a new wood floor filled with sand in all the control rooms. This gives the rooms tighter bass and a bigger sweet spot.

The 7' Kawai grand piano in the new iso-room with redwood walls simply sings. You want "warm" sound? We have it! Indie engineers are welcome! We'll make you comfy! Bring us your band. Competative Day Rates.

Studio B
The new mixing and overdub setup is technically remodeled for complex audio recording & mixing. ProTools HD equipped. New sand filled flooring makes it tight.

Our Vocal Booth is located here. Get cozy singing through a Neumann or Telefunken mic. You can totally concentrate on giving your best performance in this room. Just you ... and you.

Independent house engineers Justin Phelps & Brendan Eggelston are ready to record your band! Its fun to record with these experienced music engineer/producers from San Francisco & Seattle.

We also host the area's top independent guys like Dave Friedlander, Mike Blackburn, Jordan Richter and others. All qualified are welcome. Let's have some fun!

Mastering Studio
The most experienced mastering lab in the NW. Your album deserves our professional finishing touch. Our engineers have mastered hundreds of albums of every musical genre. We paint with sound.

$299 $399 & $499 Mastering Packages
Our mastering room is custom built to sound musical and accurate!
Our $40000 of classic analog EQ & limiters make you sound even better.

New analog compressors: SSL G Series Compressor, Manley Vari Mu, Neve 33609, GML 8900. Waves MaxxBCL.