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Location Telford, PA


Member since: 08/09/2011
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Our mission is to provide youth and adult music students with the opportunity to have affordable instruments and lessons in a friendly and supportive environment. Performances by individuals and groups are utilized to build confidence in each musician.

Learning to play a musical instrument has been shown to stimulate brain activity and problem solving abilities among its many other benefits. And in this period where many school music program budgets are being slashed or cut entirely, having a studio to learn the love of music is critical to the community and our future leaders. Clemmer Music is proud to be able to help fill this void in Montgomery County, PA and provide a wide variety of instruments, sheet music and instructors to help meet your family’s musical needs.

The Musikgarten classes offered at Clemmer Music are designed to nurture the child’s music aptitude by engaging children and their families in singing and movement activities which help attune the ear, refine the voice, and develop a rhythmic body through which music can be expressed. Additionally, instrumental activities are part of the program, ranging from playing simple rhythm instruments such as sticks and drums for babies and toddlers to playing keyboards for older children.


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