Clay Day

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  • Cropped claydays shit front cover


Hip Hop, Rap, Punk, Reggae Rock, Garage rock, Alternative, Desert rock, Singer songwriter, Indie More...


Surprise AZ United States

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Member since: 09/19/2017 Year Founded: 2017


  • Original material: 02 hrs : 50 min
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  • Original Songs: 29
  • CDs released: 3
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I'm a songwriter who started performing and producing in the beginning of 2017. With over a hundred songs written up, I'm currently trying to produce them now. I released my first album S.H.I.T. (Sorry Hater's It's Time) on Aug,1 2017. My first ticket sold show will be on Sept, 23 2017 at The Underground in Mesa, AZ. Music is meant to be heard and I'm trying hardest for mine to be heard as well and to give back that feeling of what music gave to me LOVE.

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