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Metal, Rock


Fargo ND United States

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A groovy, nerdy hellscape



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Member since: 09/14/2011 Year Founded: 2009


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  • Original material: 01 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 15 min
  • CDs released: 1
  • CDs sold: 100
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  • Average Draw: 25
  • Largest crowd: 50
  • Have sound: No PA


Remember when you could listen to a metal album, love it, and remember it without trying? When a lack of musical ideas couldn’t be excused or disguised by a fetishized rhythm section and drop D tuning? When the quality of a song didn’t have to be tortuously explained?

Chronocide remembers...

Formed in 2009 in Fargo, North Dakota—America’s Norway—Chronocide consists of drummer Adam Schlosser, bassist Jon Harris, and guitarist/vocalist Tony Mangnall.

Chronocide is honest-to-goodness heavy metal. Imaginative songwriting combined
with technical ability equals good music, and no amount of theoretical appreciation orovergrown-adolescent machismo can out-metal that. A Chronocide show is heavy, fast, and fun. An unpretentious blend of speed, technique, and tunefulness, Chronocide cares about the music they make—no apology or explanation necessary.

Fresh off their first tour in 2011, Chronocide is now completing a music video due to be released October 31 of the same year.

...and on Geetar and Vocals
-Tony Mangnall-
Born to a Yeti and raised by a pack of spider monkeys, Tony learned early on that unless he wanted to be just another hairy simian he'd have to learn some skills. He took up professional drinking, and moved to North Dakota to ply his trade. While there, he realized that the world needed at least one more drunk asshole on a stage with a microphone so in 2009 he founded Chronocide in order to add his contribution to the world. Since then, he has subjected sentients to his sonic sermons without guilt at every opportunity he could find.

On The Baaaasszz
-Jon Harris-
Taking time off from his usual occupation of scaring children and being a ginger bitch, Jon Harris has added a dimension to Chronocide that can only otherwise be replicated by the explosion of Semtex. Those who are stout enough to endure the internal organ bleeding that follows Jon's amp being powered on will be in for a treat. Few are worthy to stand before his bass cab, The Cursed Chronolith!

On the Skinz
-Adam Schlosser-
Adam took up drums to channel the rage he still feels at discovering that Santa Claus is not real. And while this rage may make him socially debilitated and unable to form relationships of any sort, it serves him very well once he gets behind a drum kit. His main influences are the report of ballistic weaponry and pop tarts.

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