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Fenton MI United States

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Chrome Mollie

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Member since: 06/06/2013 Year Founded: 2009


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Chrome Mollie



  • Original material: 01 hrs : 15 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 3
  • CDs sold: 1000
  • Digital songs sold: 1200
  • Original Songs: 20
  • Average Draw: 250
  • Largest crowd: 700
  • Have sound: Full PA
  • Licensed songs: 0



In the late fall of 2008, Dave Stroud (bass/songwriter) & Danny Justice (guitars) hooked up with the full intentions of building a hard rock band with high power & energy.

The two years to follow were consumed with gigging, writing and even a few personal changes. Going from a two guitar band to a single guitar band fueled an entirely new writing direction for Dave, one that opened many doors to even more songs. Unfortunately, a series of personnel changes in late 2010 saw the Mollie train losing some steam. This is where Eddie & Tim came in!

Eddie Golatka (drums) and Tim Smith (vocals) had played in a band with Dave many years prior called Catz Ass, another Detroit staple. Once word got around of the Chrome Mollie openings, Tim & Eddie rushed to the rescue. Both men saw the potential in the Mighty Chrome Mollie and within a few weeks, the basement (now known as The Bunker), unleashed a mass of thunderous hard rock tunage that had lights falling out of the ceiling and pictures falling off the walls. Eddie’s pounding drums and Tim’s powerful vocals were the final piece of the puzzle. By February of 2011, Chrome Mollie as you know it today hit the scene like it was shot out of cannon…and never looked back.

By May of 2011 Chrome Mollie recorded/produced/distributed their debut EP “Sumthin You Need” and within 30 days, 350 copies were gone and the EP was then released to iTunes, and over 20 other distribution sites. With “Sumthin You Need” digitally circling the globe, Detroit & Flint rock radio picked up on the buzz and has also featured Chrome Mollie in their playlists. The band has also been featured on countless web-based radio shows around the world…the thunder of Detroit, CHROME MOLLIE, is kickin’ ass and takin’ names.

Dave, Danny Eddie & Tim has since shared the stages as direct support with such national acts as Lynch Mob, Y&T, Bulletboys, Kip Winger, Kill Devil Hill (Vinny Appice) and more right through 2012.

With the 2013 release's of "Dreams" & "Free Me", this epic journey continues...Chrome Mollie, follow ‘em as their Freight Train continues to roar through venues & stages near you!

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National Rock Review

August 15, 2014
Erik Heemsoth

“Chrome Mollie started out the night with their kick-ass blend of balls-deep, energetic rock n’ roll! These guys were no opening act as the whole place erupted the minute they hit the stage. Even Sebastian Bach was impressed as he came out to join the Mollie boys on stage during their set! The Mollie boys posted on Instagram that it was an honor to share the stage with him. Bach’s reply to the post, “Hey dude. I never do that. The reason I did that is because I was listening to (you) guys tear it up and I thought you were a great band! Love the tunes! You guys rock!” These guys killed it. The crowd even tried getting the band to come back out on stage.”
- Erik Heemsoth, National Rock Review (Aug 15, 2014)

National Rock Review

June 06, 2014
Mick McDonald

“Hard-rocking and hard-working, Chrome Mollie are one of the most favored local bands in the Detroit music scene. Take everything you love about Eighties hair band rock and roll such as Motley Crue, Poison, and Ratt (minus the makeup, and glam), toss it in a blender with a big shot of Detroit attitude and you get one of the most solid and tightest bands around town. Well established in the local circuit, they’ve opened for several national acts including Y&T, BulletBoys, Kip Winger, Stryper, and George Lynch. Even John Corabi couldn’t turn down an opportunity to join them on stage a couple of months ago for a rendition of Hooligan’s Holiday, which he recorded during his stint in Motley Crue. Even though the CD was only released a week ago, almost every fan in the crowd was singing along word for word as they commandeered their small space on stage in true L.A. nightclub fashion. It’s just a matter of time until we see these guys booked on the big stage at Pine Knob Amphitheater ”

National Rock Review

April 18, 2014
Thom Seling

“Detroit bad boys Chrome Mollie played a solid set of straight up rock and roll that takes no shame in their obvious influences of hair and glam bands from the eighties. Channeling the spirit of the metal masters of that decade, infused with their own touch of charm, they rocked the venue as if they were playing for 100,000 fans. As a special treat for the crowd, Corabi joined them onstage to sing a cover of Motley Crue’s 1994 hit Hooligan’s Holiday. The crowd was ecstatic as they swarmed towards the stage, with Corabi holding the mic out over the crowd for the chorus. This was an epic moment for the guys in Chrome Mollie, who are by far one of the hardest working bands in the Detroit area. They have a new album to be released in the coming months and have also been nominated for the Best Hard Rock/Metal Artist or Group category in the Detroit Music Awards voting poll.”

23/96 Monthly

October 01, 2013
Bobby Lee Magyarosi

“...yielding pints of Jack Daniels and electric guitars, carry the flickering torch of rock ‘n’ roll as it was meant to be – loud, raw, guttural. This band is Chrome Mollie from Flint, Michigan. Their brand of simple, hard-hitting rock has struck a chord with music fans who find the deficiency of masculinity in the current era as disturbing as they do. So they fight back the only way they can, bringing rowdy music directly to the rowdy people who need it. On stage and online, Chrome Mollie has gained a dedicated following who find solace in their no nonsense, 80’s inspired, power rock in this great time of need”
- Bobby Lee Magyarosi, 23|96 Monthly (Oct 01, 2013)

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