Old Chocolate Factory Music Rehearsal Studios

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Location Chicago, IL


4710 W. Augusta Blvd Chicago IL 60651 United States
PHONE 773.287.7700 FAX 773.287.3323 http://www.chicagomusicrehearsal.com musicpage.com/chicagomusicrehearsal


Member since: 06/18/2012 Year Founded: 2003
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Marty Levin




We host a "Live Showcase Room" with a stage for band showcases, rehearsals, auditions for music, dance, theater and other rehearsals.

We also have over 20 monthly music rehearsal spaces available for various sizes of bands with 24-hour access.

All Studios have sound resistant walls, central air & heat, and Internet wired and free wireless Internet access.
There is ample power in each space No Blown Fuses and no sharing Electricity with next space.
We have Secured Entry, Security cameras throughout, ample Gated Parking, a Loading Dock and a Freight Elevator.

Mostly, we have a great community of musicians!

Old Chocolate Factory LLC Rehearsal Studios, Chicago's Premier West Side Rehearsal Studio, is located in the "Northwest Industrial Corridor", in an obscure factory district on the West Side of Chicago inside the original Nestle Chocolate Factory, built in 1938. Sweet...