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Member since: 10/09/2014 Year Founded: 1980
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Chris Chernobieff




Very few pianos today are custom made by a true craftsman. Most are carbon copies that roll off of a production line, and are made with hundreds of employees. But how is this suppose to work exactly, since no two pianists are alike?

I have a new approach for the piano. I believe, every piano should be tailor fit to your likes and dislikes in touch, tone and appearance and custom made for you.

It can be said, that the best pianos that were ever built, were personally built by the man who designed them or whose name is on them.

I am sure, that every veteran pianist has had the experience of playing on thousands of different pianos over the years, but for some reason or another, one or two stood out from the rest. For me, that would be a Mason and Hamlin BB that was personally built by Gertz (the designer). It was truly EXTRAORDINARY! I later played on an M&H BB recently made, and it was sickly compared to one of the originals by Gertz, which even had an old soundboard.

This extraordinary sound and beauty is what I strive for everyday in my piano designs, it is what keeps me motivated to explore and perfect my craft. My goal is to bring back that connection between pianist and craftsman, to give the pianist an extraordinary experience.

Each of my pianos is painstakenly and meticulously handcrafted, not ony as a musical instrument, but also as a work of art. As a result, no two pianos are alike, and each has a unique character.

I work personally with each client to build the tone they want, the touch they deserve, and the instrument to look the way they want it to look..