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Modern rock, Garage rock, Funk


Russell Springs KY United States

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Galaxy Crown

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Member since: 09/27/2012 Year Founded: 2011


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Keith Macey Murrell

Russell Springs



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''Galaxy Crown'' is a creation by two brothers; ''Charles and Macey'' , from South Louisville KY. After many years of writing songs and playing music just for fun, my brother and I decided we would try to complete a full 12 to 15 song CD of our favorites. This is proving to be more difficult than we thought, and living a hundred miles apart is not making it any easier. However, we believe strongly in our music and intend to push forward. We hope you enjoy ''Shes My Lady''. We have never performed it publicly and have no business intentions at this time other than the completion of our CD. With that said, any song that we upload here on this site has been written, musically arranged, and performed exclusively by Charles and Macey Murrell.
Update: Aug 2013 , We are still Pushing forward with the album , hope to have everything in sync for this ready for analog\digital release by Christmas, 2013. Reduced it to 9-10 songs. Update Jul 2014.... This has not been as easy as I thought.

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