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Location Chicago, IL


1770 West Berteau Ave 204 Chicago IL 60613 United States
PHONE 773.248.7733 FAX 773.248.7793 www.centurymallet.com musicpage.com/centurymallet


Member since: 06/26/2011


Our Company was founded in 1980 by master tuner Gilberto Serna. Located in the same building that J.C. Deagan, Inc. occupied for nearly 100 years, the Company has many connections to its historic predecessor. Our master tuner, Gilberto, worked for J.C. Deagan for over 15 years and was trained by J.C. Deagan's very own master tuners.

When J.C. Deagan, Inc. was sold in the early 1980s, Gilberto wanted to keep the tradition of the old company alive. As a result he founded Century Mallet Instrument Service at the original J.C. Deagan address, with machinery, tuning instruments, and tools purchased from Deagan. His goal was to provide maintenance to all J.C. Deagan percussion instruments. After a quarter of a century and hundreds of satisfied customers, his commitment remains the same: Providing quality service to all percussion instrument owners.