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Location San Fernando, CA


620 Arroyo Ave San Fernando CA 91340 United States
PHONE 818.702.6979 FAX 818.702.9770 www.cdessentials.com musicpage.com/cdessentials


Member since: 06/26/2011


We began the CD convenience revolution with the introduction of the Personal CD Dividers, DiscPickables. Now we offer a complete CD convenience solution...a place to efficiently store them, a method to organize them, a device to easily open them and a convenient way to clean them. Recently added to the line is a CD & CD-ROM mail-in repair service ... another first from the company that innovates.

The CD Essentials are for everyone, not just the serious collector. They provide convenience to all levels of consumers and make it enjoyable to collect and use CDs.

In addition to useful and affordable products, we also offer the CD user important and practical information in The Compact Disc User's Guide. It answers the consumers' most commonly asked questions about CDs. This reference document is enclosed in individual CD Essential packages at no additional cost