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Electronic, EDM, Instrumentals, Experimental Dance, Minimalism, Ambient, New Age, Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Electro, Experimental More...


Grand Forks ND United States

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An explosion of awesomeness by mixing several sweet sounding simple melodies to form a complex melody.

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Robert Hoff

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Hi! I'm Robert, originally from the Chicago area. I have always been fascinated with music. It became serious when I learned the clarinet in the fourth grade and played it through to the sixth grade until I decided it wasn't my instrument so I learned guitar. I played guitar in jazz bands, rock bands, and even church bands. In my junior year of high school I worked with someone older who was a DJ. Dance music became my obsession and I learned how to spin vinyl from him and also from another student who was into DJ'ing as well. When I went to college in 2003 I bought a flimsy 25 key midi controller and began experimenting with making electronic music with Reason. Now, over a decade later, I work on a Macbook Pro with the latest Reason, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, an Akai keyboard, and a Novation Launchpad. I also record live guitar over some of my tracks. To me, making music is an experiment. Just playing around with sounds and song construction is the true joy in it for me and if something comes out of it then awesome. I released one professional album entitled respectively "Experiment in Digital" in 2006 under my old monicker of DJ Nuddy Budda. Since then I have created 2 more albums that I never released and currently have 12 new singles that can make my fourth album. I aspire to sound like no one and my music is completely original. My goal is to sell my music to video game companies, TV commercials, and any other platforms that fit my style.

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