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Location Phoenix, AZ


3131 West Clarendon Ave Phoenix AZ 85017 United States
PHONE 602.266.7835 FAX 602.279.9233


Member since: 06/26/2011

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Canyon Records of Phoenix, Arizona has produced, and distributed Native American music for 59 years, and is one of the oldest independent record labels in existence.

Company Overview
Canyon was founded in 1951 by Ray and Mary Boley who had opened the first recording studio in Phoenix, Arizona Recording Productions, in 1948. The Boley's involvement with Native American music began when Ray was asked by the Phoenix Little Theater to record a Navajo singer named Ed Lee Natay. Boley was so taken with what he heard that he recorded a collection of songs titled Natay, Navajo Singer.

Canyon Records continues its commitment to assist both traditional and contemporary Native American artists in achieving their artistic aspirations and fulfilling their cultural responsibilities.

Compact discs, cassettes & DVDs of contemporary and traditional Native American music