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LaGrange GA United States

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I've played guitar for 14 years. I've written and recorded hip hop vocals for the past 6 years.

In my family, music and anything natural to the heart's expression of individuality wasn't encouraged. It took me a long time to even try to vocalize and do what I do with the hip hop lyrics I write. The past 6 years for me have been about developing my ability to write, vocalize, and record about any story that touches my heart. I developed my sound, did all my recording and mixing alone.. everything about my ability to capture what I love about music, art, hip hop, happiness and soul, was up to me to encourage myself to keep doing.

I have many influences and there are many people who have given me hope and direction without ever talking to me, but as far as actually recording and developing my writing and vocalizations.. that was a quite lonely journey. It is though not about me, it is not about my individual joy or my individual journey to become more alive and free to be what is naturally enlivening and right for me. It's about the human heart and soul collectively. The only reason music sounds good to me in the way I listen or create, is it was handed down centuries from our ancestors and made to sound good in the way we hear scales and chords to sound good. I know this truth well. Music has nothing to do with me, yet it's everything to do with my heart.

I've been taking an African Drum class. We learn from a teacher who studied in west Africa. Music and rhythm, to the cultures teachings he brings forth, are about community. All age groups can participate. It's about community. When an individual solos with the accompaniment of the community, the community recognizes the initiation of the the individual bringing forth joy from one's heart. This is my take on music and on happiness. In the west, we discourage joy and things that are naturally enlivening to the human heart. We discourage listening to our own guidance system. We learn to worship a band or a person on a stage, forget anyone who isn't stage worthy, and we don't realize that music being universal in language is one of the arts and ways of life that's meant to be participated in by any and everyone who has a desire to do so. We celebrate individuals who bring forth their joy and heart, because that is the ultimate journey of any human soul trying to reach it's potential. To flourish is to become the ultimate expression of what we were meant to become in the first place. Our unique signature and fingerprint of the soul is more important that any illusion that our youthful bodies are worth worship, or one band or person is worth ultimate praise and or eventual rejection or casting aside.

In the west, we have forgotten how to live with a relationship with our own hearts. We have forgotten that happiness is a natural by product of cultivating what is right for the individual soul in becoming what they always were to become. We have forgotten that happiness is the center in which all success truly orbits, and we project that success should come before happiness. We project that the cup half empty or half full is a natural or learned state that rarely changes in people, yet we don't realize that it matters not if the cup is half empty or full, it matters only that we readjust our lens to see that a pitcher is always available to refill the cup.

Google, for example, knows that happy people are the best salespeople, inventors, innovators, team players, healthy employees.. they take less sick leave, they use less workers comp.. So google has video games in the break rooms, meditation pods, surf boards available to employees that, while working, get an urge to go catch a wave.

This is my mission is all that I do. Music is the ultimate expression that brings a desire to live and live fully to me, so this is my music and my life statement. I shall live with a desire above all to live fully. I shall care for all forms of human existence, but I know that happy men and women have more positive influence on the community and world around them than half alive people. I know that being bound to the projected happiness of a few people usually keeps a person from reaching even half of their potential if they focus not on cultivating what is truly them. So I shall live forth my truth, cultivate it, and strive to help others cultivate their truths as well, because ultimately I want to see a better world for all that live and follow the lives of us living.

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