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Location Southfield, MI


26817 West Carnegie Park Dr Southfield MI 48034 United States
PHONE 248.469.8547 FAX 248.809.9198 www.bushellmedia.com musicpage.com/bushellmedia


Member since: 08/05/2015 Year Founded: 2007
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Antonio Bushell




Bushell Media Inc. is a small family oriented business that started with a Dad, Camera ,and a dream. Dad was tired of working dead end jobs, and he always had a dream of owning his own business and he had this camera. Dad had a decision to make entrepreneurship or a 9 to 5 job? And from the decision of entrepreneurship, that is how Bushell Media was born. With Dad's wife and four Children they set out for an adventure together. So what does Bushell Media Inc. do? We offer services in videography, photography, graphic design, website design, web maintenance, 3D graphics and animation and more. We cater to start up businesses, small, midsize and large businesses. We also cater to nonprofit organizations, and schools.