Brown Bottle Fever

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Americana, Blues, Rock, Funk Rockabilly, Adult contemporary, Alternative, Modern rock, Southern rock, Indie More...


St. Louis MO United States

Sounds Like

Black Keys, CCR, mixed genres



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Member since: 09/08/2012 Year Founded: 2010


Mail alt 16x12 Jarrod Mains
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Jarrod Mains


Manager 314.486.5961
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Billy Skelton

St. Louis

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Joseph Pemberton

Webster groves

Vocals/Harp 314.484.4302


  • Original material: 11 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 1
  • CDs sold: 1000
  • Digital songs sold: 1000
  • Original Songs:
  • Average Draw: 300
  • Largest crowd: 4,500
  • Have sound: Full PA


Formed in 2008, Brown Bottle Fever is one of the edgiest bands around. BBF is a two-piece stomp blues act comprised of Zach Pemberton (harmonica, vocals) and Billy Skelton (guitar, stomp- box, vocals). The two have traveled the Midwest, West and Southern regions since 2008 with their unique brand of blues. With live shows that can be described as an electrified whiskey soaked punch to the chest, you are sure to have a great time whenever you see this duo!

Meeting in 2006 playing with separate bands, Zach and Billy came from two totally different genres of music. Zach came from a solid blues background that stretched from his hometown of Chattanooga, TN to St. Louis, MO. Billy came from a long line of semi-accomplished heavy style bands from the west coast to the Midwest. The duo finally got the chance to combine efforts in the summer of 2008 creating their musical child Brown Bottle Fever. The combination of their personalities, influences, and musical outlook has concocted a unique style of music that truly catches the ear, young and old alike!

BBF plays an aggressive style of blues heavy with harp and slide guitar with a solid core. The beat from Billy’s stomp box keeps heads bobbin’, toes tappin’, and the hands clappin’! Skelton’s stomp-box and guitar blends delta slide with pulsating rhythmic hard-driving precision, while Pemberton’s soulful voice and eerie storytelling combine with a harmonica style all his own. Their unique blend of jazz, blues, rock, and funk produces danceable beats anyone can enjoy. Original lyrics and diverse sounds transpire to catchy hooks and smiling faces.

Originally from Chattanooga, TN, the band’s lead singer, Zach Pemberton, cut his musical teeth playing four years of harmonica for the popular blues band Blackdog and the Rainmakers. While his first musical love is the harmonica, Pemberton has transitioned into a vibrant vocalist fine tuning his vocal chords to an aesthetically pleasing symphonic sound.

Brown Bottle Fever’s lead guitarist and vocalist, B.W. Skelton, has been playing guitar for 20 years. Originally from St. Louis, MO, Skelton has stared in several bands over the years before combining music powers with Pemberton. Both Skelton and Pemberton contribute to writing and composing the band’s tracks.

Check out BBF’s first full length album “Two Piece Prison” on CD Baby -

As of September 2013 BBF is not setting up new shows or tours.

Media Contact:
[email protected]

St. Louis Post Dispatch

March 22, 2013
Kevin Johnson

Stomp blues duo Brown Bottle Fever, made up of Zach Pemberton on vocals and harmonica and Billy Skelton on guitar, vocals and stomp box, releases its first “real” CD this weekend at Off Broadway with “Two Piece Prison.” “It’s definitely our style,” says Pemberton.

Entertainment St. Louis

February 16, 2013
Mike Kociela

Brown Bottle Fever puts on one of the best live shows I've seen in a long time. Any venue looking for a fun band, with a fresh sound, should book them for a night to see what the buzz is all about.
Their edgy performance and passion for music makes for an entertaining - must see show!

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