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New Orleans LA United States

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Brian Stoltz


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Brian Stoltz


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  • Original material: 05 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 02 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 4
  • CDs sold: 50000
  • Digital songs sold: 300000
  • Original Songs: 150
  • Average Draw: 1,500
  • Largest crowd: 10,000
  • Have sound: No PA


"Brian Stoltz…played in a funky and blistering way…and he had articulate schemes…Brian’s licks were thought out like piano patterns. He could play James Booker piano licks on the guitar.” – Bob Dylan, Chronicles, Vol. 1

Brian Stoltz has released four solo albums, has toured and recorded with Rock ‘n Roll Royalty and has performed on a string of recordings – playing, producing and writing for various artists. Basing his art on street virtuosity, raw emotion and a stinging signature style, he is New Orleans’ premiere guitarist and songwriter extraordinaire.

While touring, writing and recording throughout the 80′s with the world-renowned Neville Brothers Band and for fourteen years with The 'funky' Meters, Brian has created unique bodies of work. In addition to being in demand as a phenomenal guitarist, his skill as a songwriter has caught the attention of artists like Aaron Neville, The Neville Brothers, Coco Montoya, The Wild Magnolias, Zydeco artist Zachary Richard and writer/film director John Sayles.

Stoltz's guitar style evolved naturally from growing up on 60's pop/r&b radio and from traveling the dark roads of South Louisiana up through the Mississippi Delta, absorbing the many musical genres and haunting styles of the deep south. In reviewing Bob Dylan's album, Oh Mercy, UK writer Andy Gil of Q Magazine best described it when he wrote, "Stoltz's guitar is like stinging rain pinging on a barbed-wire fence." His unmistakable sound is featured on recordings by artists as diverse as Dylan, Edie Brickell, Dr. John, Linda Ronstadt and the Neville Brothers. Stoltz's discography also includes the release of four solo albums: Up All Night/Live (2007), God, Guns & Money (2005) and East Of Rampart Street (2003) and the now out-of-print Starving Buddha (1999).

His television appearances include The Tonight Show (with Jay Leno & Johnny Carson), Saturday Night Live, Late Night with David Letterman, Austin City Limits, Cinemax and Showtime specials, and concerts with the Grateful Dead.

Ever socially conscious, Brian toured, along with the Neville Brothers, U2, Peter Gabriel, the Police and Lou Reed as the torch-bearers of the first Amnesty International Tour in 1986 to raise consciousness of the fate of political prisoners around the world.

Stoltz has received awards from CMJ (College Music Journal) and the New Music Corporation for Lifetime Achievement. His co-written Healing Chant, performed by the Neville Brothers, won a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental in 1991and Brian was nominated for a 2004 Grammy in the Best Traditional Blues category for his solo rendition of You Gotta Move on Telarc Records’ Preachin’ The Blues: The Music Of Mississippi Fred McDowell.

He has performed in numerous music videos and his songs and performances have found their way to film soundtracks such as The Mighty Quinn, John Sayles’ City of Hope, post-Hurricane Katrina film, 'Desert Bayou', nominated for the 2008 Image Award (theatrical and television) and the Harry Shearer film, The Big Uneasy.
Brian is currently touring with The Funky Meters and mixing tracks for an early 2017 solo release, tentatively titled, New World Rising.


Brian Stoltz Discography
Brian Stoltz – Up All Night Live (Long Overdue Recordings) LOR0003 - 2007
Brian Stoltz - God, Guns & Money (Long Overdue Recordings) LOR0002 – 2005
Brian Stoltz – Jazz Fest Live 2005 (Munckmix) 2005
Brian Stoltz - East of Rampart Street (Long Overdue Recordings) LOR0001 - 2003
Brian Stoltz – Starving Buddha (Long Overdue Recordings) (out-of-print) 2001
Bob Dylan - Oh Mercy (Columbia Records) 1989
Bob Dylan - The Essential Bob Dylan (Columbia) 2000
Bob Dylan - The Complete Album Collection Vol. 1 (Columbia) 2013
Bob Dylan - Tell Tale Signs Rare and Unreleased 1989-2006 the Bootleg Series Vol.8 (Columbia/Legacy) 2008
Bob Dylan - Dylan (3 CD Deluxe Collectors Edition) ( Columbia Legacy) 2007
Bob Dylan – Blues (Columbia/Legacy) 2006
Linda Ronstadt - We Ran (Elektra/Asylum)
Linda Ronstadt - Box Set (Elektra/Asylum)
Dr. John - The Musical Mojo Of Dr. John~Celebrating Mac And His Music 2-Disc Set (Concord Records) 2016 CRE00216
Dr. John - A Tribute to Doc Pomus (Rhino) R271878
Dr. John - Put On Your Green Shoes (sony) LK53736
Dr. John - "Strike A Deep Chord Blues Guitar for the Homeless (Justice records) JR0003-2
Funky Meters - Fiyo At The Fillmore Vol. 1 (funkymeter records) 2001
Funky Meters-Fiyo at the Fillmore Vol 1 (reissue) Fuel 2000 (2003)
Funky Meters - Get You a Healin (Indy)
Gov’t Mule The Orpheum – (vol 1) New Orleans, LA 04.29.05
Tab Benoit - The Sea Saint Sessions (Telarc Blues) CD-83573
Tab Benoit - Wetlands (Telarc Blues) CD-83530
Irene Sage – Soul To Soul (IND) (2004)
Irene Sage - Live At The Leaf (IS 2002)
George Porter Jr. – It’s Life (Indy) 2007
Tension Of Opposites – Blood Red Velvet (Delvian Records) 2006
Zachary Richard – Last Kiss 2009 (co-written w/ Zach)- Artist Garage 26 (USA) / Musicor MQMCD 2402 (Canada)
Zachary Richard - Silver Jubilee: Best Of Zachary Richard" (A&M)
Zachary Richard - Women in the Room (A&M) 15021 53022
Zachary Richard - Snake Bite love (A&M) 7501255872
Zachary Richard - Pave the Earth (A&M) CD18047
Rockin' Jake - Badmouth (Zuluzu records)
Rockin' Jake - Full Time Work (Zuluzu records ZLZ-072) 2002
Rockin’ Jake – 5PM Breakfast (Live At The Green Parrot) 2004
Eddy Louiss - Louissiana (Initial records) IN10951101
One Like Son - "Goodbye" (Body Thief Records)
Clyde Cotton Band – Catbird Blues (tupelo Moon Records) 2006
Jimmy Buffett - Boats, Beaches, Bars and Ballads (MCA)
Soundtrack - The Might Quinn (A&M) CD3924
Soundtrack – Touched By An Angel (Sony) 1998
Pulsation of the Maha Kumbha Mela (Himalayan Institute Press) 2001- 108 Saints and Seekers chant with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait,PH.D.(

Various Artists–Orange N.O. Vibes American New Roots Vol.2 (Buffalo Records LBCY-302) Japan 2005
Various Artists - Preachin' the Blues: The Music Of Mississippi Fred McDowell (Telarc) 2002
Various Artists - Blues on Blonde on Blonde - (Telarc CD-83567)
Various Artists - Exile on Blues Street - (Telarc CD-83571)
Various Artists - A Salute To The Delta Blues Masters Box Set (Telarc) 2002
Various Artists - Big Blues Extravaganza: The Best Of Austin City Limits (Sony) 1998
Various Artists - New Orleans Gospel Tent (La. Red Hot) 2002
Various Artists - Mardi Gras Party – (Rhino) 1999
Various Artists – Delta Blues Box Set (Telarc) 2002
Various Artists – Christmas Gumbo (Flambeau Records 3344) 2004
Doctors, Professors,Kings & Queens:The Big Ol' Box of New Orleans [BOX SET] (Shout Factory) 2004

The Big Uneasy (A Harry Shearer Film) 2010
Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer (a film by Mark A. Vadik) 2009
Desert Bayou – Taproot Productions (Alex Lemay, director) Cinema Libre Studio 2007
Make It Funky! (Sony Pictures ) 2005
City Of Hope, a film by John Sayles 1991
The Mighty Quinn Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, a film by Carl Schenkel 1989

Make It Funky! (Sony Pictures ) 2005
Funky Meters - Live From The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (2000)
The Neville Brothers –The Best of The Neville Brothers (20th Century Masters DVD Collection) A&M 2004 B0002449-09
The Neville Brothers - Whatever It Takes 1986
The Neville Brothers - Forever For Tonight 1986
The Neville Brothers - Midnight Key 1986
The Neville Brothers - Sister Rosa 1988
Linda Ronstadt - When Something Is Wrong With My Baby 1990
Dr.John - Going Back To New Orleans 1992
Dr. John - The Musical Mojo Of Dr. John~Celebrating Mac And His Music 2-DVD Set (Concord Records) 2016 CRE00216

As Songwriter & Composer
Brian Stoltz - East Of Rampart Street (Long Overdue Recordings) LOR0001
Brian Stoltz - God, Guns & Money (Long Overdue Recordings) LOR0002
Brian Stoltz – Up All Night Live (Long Overdue Recordings) LOR0003
Funkymeters - Fiyo At The Fillmore Vol. 1 (funkymeter records) 2001
Brooklyn Jazz Warriors – In Service Of The King - 2012
Tab Benoit - The Sea Saint Sessions (Telarc) CD83573 (2003)
Zachary Richard – Last Kiss - 2009 - Artist Garage 26 (USA) / Musicor MQMCD 2402 (Canada)
Zachary Richard - Snake Bite love (A&M) 7501255872
Zachary Richard - Silver Jubilee: Best Of Zachary Richard (A&M)
The Neville Brothers – Authorized Bootleg, Warfield Theatre, SFCA 2CD’s (Hip-O Select) 2010
The Neville Brothers – Gold – Original Recording Remasters – 2CD’s – (Hip-O Select) 2005
The Neville Brothers-20th Century Masters-Millennium Collection:The Best of the Neville Brothers (A&M) 2004
The Neville Brothers – Live On Planet Earth (A&M) 1994
The Neville Brothers - Brothers Keeper (A&M) 7501253122 (1990)
The Neville Brothers - Yellow Moon (A&M) 5240 (received Gold record for U.S., England and France) (1988)
The Neville Brothers - Uptown (EMI-America) CDP1-46754-2
The Neville Brothers – Treacherous: A History Of The Neville Brothers 1955-1985 (Rhino) R270776 1988/1990
Bo Dollis & the Wild Magnolias -World Wide Hoodoo
Tommy Lepson & the Lazy Boys - Live and Dirty
Coco Montoya - Ya Think I'd Know Better
The Neville Brothers - Fearless (remix) A&M 75021 7425 2
The Neville Brothers - Fearless (maxi-single import) A&M PCCY-10167
The Neville Brothers - River Of Life A&M 75021 7402 2
The Neville Brothers – Live On Planet Earth (A&M) 1994
The Neville Brothers – Uptown Rulin’:The Best Of the Neville Brothers (Interscope) 1999
Rockin' Jake- Full-time Work Zuluzu records ZLZ-072
A Celebration of the Blues: the Great singers, Vol 2 (Celebration of Blues) 1997
Various Artist – Mardi Gras Party – (Rhino) 1999
Christmas Gumbo – Various Artists (Flambeau Records 3344) 2004
Patti Sterling - Bettin' on You (Kon-kord Records) 2003
Mem Shannon - Live: A Night at Tipitina's (Northern Blues) 2007
Papa Grows Funk – Mr. Patterson’s Hat (Funky Crew) 2007

As Producer
Brooklyn Jazz Warriors – In Service Of The King - 2012
Byrdawg – Raining On The Sunshine (Anirtak Music) 2011 AM1101
Brian Stoltz – Up All Night Live (Long Overdue Recordings) 2007 LOR0003
Brian Stoltz - God, Guns & Money (Long Overdue Recordings) 2005 LOR0002
Brian Stoltz - East Of Rampart Street (Long Overdue Recordings) 2005 LOR0001
Brian Stoltz – Starving Buddha (Long Overdue Recordings) 2001 (out-of-print)
Porter-Batiste-Stoltz - Expanding The Funkin' Universe (Ouw Records) 2005
Rockin' Jake - Full-time Work Zuluzu records ZLZ-072
Various Artists – Christmas Gumbo (Flambeau Records 3344) - 2004
Sonny Landreth, Bo Dollis & the Wild Magnolias, Bonerama, Art Neville, Theryl ‘Houseman’ de Clouet, Irma Thomas

November 05, 2013
Sam Robertson

Drawing inspiration from Levon Helm’s midnight rambles, Capps’ Frog Pond shows are similarly influenced by traditional Americana and blues, and encourage collaboration...Brian Stoltz and Luther Dickinson are among those scheduled to join Capps this fall.

October 23, 2013

Revisiting The Charts...12.Brian Stoltz Up All Night

August 22, 2013

...Brian Stoltz got a favorable ruling from a federal court in Louisiana following a lengthy legal battle with their old management company, Highsteppin’ Productions. The ruling, which came last Friday, resolves an almost four-year ordeal for the musicians, who were sued for over half a million dollars

August 22, 2013
Wesley Hodges

Hollywood Bowl 8/21/13

This long-running incarnation of The Meters features...the uber-talented and always tasteful guitarist Brian Stoltz

May 04, 2013

Gov’t Mule welcomed back Stubblefield and brought out funky Meters guitarist Brian Stoltz for a tease-heavy version of “Get Behind The Mule” during their encore.

May 04, 2013

Gov’t Mule welcomed back Stubblefield and brought out funky Meters guitarist Brian Stoltz for a tease-heavy version of “Get Behind The Mule” during their encore.


January 29, 2013

The Nevilles featuring Art, Charles and Cyril Neville were joined by Ivan Neville, Ian Neville, Tony Hall, “Mean” Willie Green, Brian Stoltz and Dr. John for Art “Poppa Funk” Neville’s 75th birthday party at Tipitina’s in New Orleans this past Saturday.

January 22, 2013
Simon Allen

Interview with Brian Stoltz

January 22, 2013

What will you remember most about 2012?
Worrying about a lawsuit! Being involved in a horrible horrible lawsuit. Unfortunately, that’s what I can remember because there wasn’t a whole lot of music in my life.

January 08, 2013

George Porter Jr. and Roosevelt Collier joined Brian Stoltz & the Alligator Alley Allstars for the pre-Jam Cruise NOLA Funk Jam at the Native Florida Tap Room & Music Hall in Hollywood, FL on Sunday night

January 06, 2013

Stoltz and “many special guests from New Orleans, South Florida and the Jam Cruise” will play a late night set. Jam Cruise sets sail from Ft. Lauderdale, FL tomorrow.

December 28, 2012
Sam D'Arcangelo

Brian Stoltz has recorded with Bob Dylan, toured with The Neville Brothers, shared the stage with Jerry Garcia on a number of occasions and that’s only scratching the surface.

May 30, 2012
Brian Robbins

Review of the Lettuce album, "Fly."

The horns punch out the cool melody of “Bowler” while the guitars blend Brian Stoltz-style funk with Steve Cropper cool.

January 20, 2012

Funky Meters guitarist Brian Stoltz will travel to New York to produce The Brooklyn Jazz Warriors’ debut album. While in New York, Stoltz will perform with The Brooklyn Jazz Warriors at Brooklyn’s Public Assembly.

October 18, 2011

Dr. John...emerged for “Trickbag.” In addition, Art Neville’s son Ian, who played guitar with the Funky Meters for a few years before Brian Stoltz returned to the group, emerged for “Just Kissed My Baby.” Stoltz will perform with his I-12 AllStars at New Orleans’ d.b.a. this Saturday.

May 06, 2011

Brian Stoltz performed at New Orleans’ 12 Bar during JazzFest last night...Stoltz’s funky Meters bandmate George Porter Jr. emerged for a closing jam based around “Mirror, Mirror.” Both Porter and Stoltz also performed with Warren Haynes Band earlier in the night.

funky Meters and Galactic will play a collaborative show at Mahalia Jackson Theatre tonight. Stoltz will then head to The Parish at House of Blues for a jam session with Porter, Marco Benevento and Adam Deitch.

May 06, 2011

Numerous guests sat in with Warren Haynes Band at New Orleans’ Mahalia Jackson Theater last night...“Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home.” The latter song also featured funky Meters guitarist Brian Stoltz.

March 11, 2011

This past January, Stoltz reunited with the funky Meters for a show at New Orleans’ Tipitina’s and quickly rejoined the group as a permanent member.

February 25, 2011
Karen Duggan

“The World” brought the funk full throttle as Brian Stoltz reminded me how much I had missed seeing him perform. He is truly superb with his rock-driven funk guitar styling.

February 24, 2011

It’s official! After a three-plus-year absence from the funky Meters, Brian Stoltz has rejoined his long time band mates. After performing with Art, George and Russell at the 33rd Anniversary of New Orleans music club, Tipitina’s in January. A sold-out show that was a celebration not only for Tipitina’s, but for Stoltz and Art Neville as well. The two first performed together 30 years before at the famed club in September 1981 when Stoltz joined The Neville Brothers as guitarist.

February 23, 2011

Guitarist Brian Stoltz has officially rejoined the funky Meters. Stoltz rejoined the group for the first time in over three years for the 33rd Anniversary of New Orleans’ Tipitina’s this past January as well as three shows at New York’s Brooklyn Bowl...2011 marks the 30th anniversary of Stoltz’s first band with Art Neville as a member of the Neville Brothers.

January 12, 2011

Brian Stoltz will rejoin the funky Meters for performances at NY’s Brooklyn Bowl

December 21, 2010

Former funky Meters guitarist Brian Stoltz has confirmed a Wednesday night residency at New Orleans’ Maple Leaf Bar.

December 15, 2010

...already confirmed a number of dates around the globe, including the funky Meters’ first appearance in New Zealand...Neville, Porter and Batiste will also reunite with former funky Meters guitarist Brian Stoltz for a show at New Orleans’ Tipitina’s on January 14. The performance will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the historic club.

December 15, 2010

...already confirmed a number of dates around the globe, including the funky Meters’ first appearance in New Zealand...Neville, Porter and Batiste will also reunite with former funky Meters guitarist Brian Stoltz for a show at New Orleans’ Tipitina’s on January 14. The performance will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the historic club.

August 09, 2010

I have a weird story about the night Jerry died too.

May 03, 2010

On Friday night Gov’t Mule headlined at the Mahalia Jackson Theatre in New Orleans. The group’s performance drew in a number of other musicians who were in town during JazzFest... NOLA native Brian Stoltz added guitar to the set-closing “Somebody’s Home.” Stoltz then returned along with fellow Crescent City resident Ivan Neville for the first encore, which was a take on “32-20 Blues.”

The Slidell Independent

April 01, 2010
Keven Chiri

Stoltz has been married for...has no children...and has been to India six times.

January 13, 2010

The Bear Creek Music and Art Festival will return to The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Fl., November 12-14, 2010. The festival is proud to announce it's 2010 initial artist lineup which includes Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk, Soulive, Lettuce, George Porter's Runnin Pardners, The Will Bernard Band, Brian Stoltz, Toubab Krewe, John Brown's Body, Break Science and many more bands.

October 22, 2008

JamBase & HeadCount are proud to present: Rocktober '08 - Get Out and Vote!

October 06, 2008
Brian Bavosa

"Wah Wah Me,"...which characterizes Stoltz's style perfectly, opened the second set in roaring fashion.

September 23, 2008
Randy Ray

On the Edge of the Hurricane with Brian Stoltz v- Interview with

August 18, 2008

George Porter Jr., Russell Batiste Jr., and Brian Stoltz are part of the rich history that is New Orleans' musical ancestry. Today, Porter-Batiste-Stoltz announce the hard hitting trio's first-ever live release MOODOO, featuring special guest keyboardist Page McConnell (Phish)

June 25, 2008
Mike Greenhaus

Brian Stoltz has left his mark in the recording studio and on the concert stage...extended stints with the Neville Brothers and the funky Meters...also appeared on releases by Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Dr. John, Daniel Lanois and Edie Brickell. Over the past years Stoltz has focused on his own music and his most recent effort is Up All Night Live. At Bonnaroo he performed a special late-night set in Somethin’ Else with George Porter Jr. and Russell Batiste.

May 10, 2008
Jeffrey Dupuis


April 27, 2008
Year 4- Brian Stoltz, George Porter Jr., Matt Abts, Dr. John and Toots Hibbert

Which of these Jammys collaborative segments from years past is your favorite?
Year 4- Brian Stoltz, George Porter Jr., Matt Abts, Dr. John and Toots Hibbert

January 25, 2008

On his latest, Up All Night...Brian Stoltz proves his worth among the ghosts and current spirits roaming the halls of the blues world...Stoltz proves to be among the more accomplished and masterful blues guitarists in America,

November 20, 2007
Jeffrey Dupuis

Visions of the Voodoo Music Experience

November 11, 2007
Powderfinger Promotions

Radio Charts

1.Rudder _Rudder
2.Umphreys McGee Live At The Murat
3.Brian Stoltz Up All Night
4.Charlie Hunter Mistico
5.Soulive no place like soul

October 30, 2007
Aaron Lafont

When it comes to side projects...relatively few are created solely for the sake of music. One exception to the aforementioned purposes is Porter-Batiste-Stoltz (PBS), an outgrowth of the Funky Meters, comprised of George Porter Jr. (bass), Russell Batiste (drums), and Brian Stoltz (guitar). These longtime mates have not only fortified the backbone of the New Orleans music scene, filling out such acts as The Meters, the Neville Brothers, Harry Connick Jr., Dr. John and Allen Toussaint, but also accompanied a virtual who's who of rock icons including Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Robbie Robertson, David Byrne and Paul Simon, just to name a few.

March 02, 2007

This past Thursday and Friday the funky Meters performed at the Fox Theatre in Boulder as part of the venues 15th anniversary celebration. The line-up for these shows was different from recent performances by the band as guitarist Brian Stoltz had announced that he would be leaving the group.

October 06, 2006

This evening, the MSG Network will air the first of five Jammys Live episodes...The series will continue next week with episode two offering ... Dr. John, Toots Hibbert, George Porter Jr., Brian Stoltz, JoJo Herman, and Matt Abts

June 22, 2006
Brian Ferdman

it feels incredibly intimate, as if Bobby Lounge is performing in your living room...His barrelhouse piano rumbles and saunters with flair and is occasionally accompanied by the lazy blues of Brian Stoltz’ acoustic guitar.

May 01, 2006
Derek Halsey

Interview bw/ Derek Trucks

...One of the other musicians that you just jammed with during the Beacon run is Brian Stoltz...

March 20, 2006

Taj Mahal, Ben Harper and Brian Stoltz Join the Allman Brothers Band at the Beacon

July 05, 2005

Govt Mule and moe. celebrated Independence Day a bit early this year, sharing a joint bill at Morrison, COs Red Rocks Amphitheater... Brian Stoltz emerged for a number he has frequently appeared on in the past, 32/30 Blues.

June 02, 2005
Karl Kukta

And, though it may be sacrilegious in some circles to compare anyone’s lyrics with Mr. Zimmerman, the title track (which is divided into two parts and bookends the album) deserves a place next to Dylan’s greatest protest songs — or any other American’s, for that matter.

Gambit Weekly Jazz Fest review

May 10, 2005
John Swenson

Vol. 26 | NO 19 | May 10, 2005

12:20 p.m., New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Sprint/Sanyo Stage 4/23/05
A sign of things to come. Brian Stoltz has only been onstage for 15 minutes and the crowd awaiting the Meters – T minus five hours and counting – is already loosely packed all the way back to the rear set of speakers.

12:47 p.m., New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Sprint/Sanyo Stage 4/23/05
Nothing inspires rock songwriting better than rage against authority, and playing songs from his new God, Guns & Money, Brian Stoltz is one seriously pissed red stater. “We’re drowning deep in lies,” sings Stoltz in a voice reminiscent of the ominous tone Bob Dylan adopted in Love And Theft, “to keep an illusion alive.”
- Count Basin, with help from , Gambit Weekly, New Orleans, La

May 09, 2005
Mike Greenhaus

Last April in a interview, Stoltz mentioned his brother, a black hawk gunner, but seemed hesitant to directly address the war in Iraq through his music. But, a year later, Stoltz has shifted gears, compiling his emotions into a politically laced solo-album, Gods, Guns & Money—- a snapshot of this turbulent time in American history. Below, Stoltz dives headfirst into the meaning behind his darkest songs to date, also answering a few questions for the Bob Dylan faithful along the way.

May 09, 2005
Dan Greenhaus

Few people are able to touch Brian Stoltz's skill on the guitar.

May 01, 2005

There's something magical about this record...but there wasn't any magic in the house. It's what Lanois and me and Willie Green and Daryl and Brian Stoltz brought to the place that made it what it was.
-Bob Dylan

Gambit Weekly

April 19, 2005
Brett Milano

Who’d have ever thought that the first great Iraq protest album would come from the funky Meters’ guitarist?

March 10, 2005

funky Meters guitarist Brian Stoltz will tackle the war, among other issues, on his new CD, God, Guns & Money...Stoltz will perform this Friday at New York’s BB King Blues Club with PBS.


September 02, 2004
Paul Kerr

Deep Fried is a new supergroup consisting of former Allman Brothers keyboardist Johnny Neel and drummer Matt Abts from Gov't Mule, along with guitarist Brian Stoltz and bassist George Porter, Jr.,

April 28, 2004
Mike Greenhaus

...It really is that intense...playing with less holes. Everything is more filled up and aggressive.

March 22, 2004
Tom Baker

...growling blues leads from Stoltz that leapt in and out of the fray...with the club packed and the band loose-limbed and waist deep in the funk, everything was feeling alright indeed. In a day when it's getting harder and harder to make true finds in music (sorry, American Idol doesn't count), there's no way to replace the joy of stumbling across a band like this in a small, dark space, both sagely professional and agelessly exuberant, funky and urgent but also in control.

March 19, 2004
Lorie McDonald

The Jammys came to NYC with full force and brought some unique on-stage collaboration...In presenting the fourth installation of the Jammys, the producers had much to prove. Media attention was the highest it has been, sending the message that the public eye is turning to see what this grassroots musical movement is all about...
...The New Orleans Allstars featuring Dr. John, Matt Abts, Brian Stoltz, George Porter Jr. and Toots Hibbert followed with "Right Place, Wrong Time" and "Pressure Drop." At this point the NOLA Allstars welcomed Mr. JoJo Hermann of Widespread Panic fame on stage to add a bit of his special JoJo mojo for a rousing rendition of "Hey Pocky Way."

February 17, 2004

Brian Stoltz and George Porter, Gothic Theatre, Denver, 2/13/04

November 03, 2003

Down at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans, Govt Mule was introduced as Raven Black Knight & The Pimps...Guitarist Brian Stoltz (Neville Brothers, Funky Meters) also joined in for Out of the Rain to close the second set.

April 26, 2003
Matthew Kane
C:\Users\Brian\Documents\interviews\ interview 4-03.mht

Brian Stoltz Digs In East of Rampart Street - Interview w/ M. Kane

April 26, 2003
Dean Budnick

Our feature stories include pieces on The Disco Biscuits, Los Lobos, Brian Stoltz and Umphrey’s McGee.

January 27, 2003
Dan Greenhaus

Art Neville and his keyboards are noticeably absent, and without him, his
iconoclastic lead vocals are filled admirably by Stoltz...

...Brian's guitar playing is about as smooth as anyone I've ever seen, without compromising intensity. He is a ferocious lead player with a searing tone that just cuts through the air...

...the night was taken up a notch... when Warren Haynes joined PBS on stage for what is now the most incredible musical moment of this brief new year

November 04, 2002

Dave Schools, Randall Bramblett and Brian Stoltz took the stage with Govt Mule Friday at the Orpheum Theatre in New Orleans. Schools, who played at Lakefront Arena with Widespread Panic earlier in the evening, joined Mule for a portion of the set...Bramblett (Widespread Panic, Sea Level) sat in on ‘Glad’ and Stoltz (The Funky Meters) then emerged for Sco-Mule.’

July 03, 2002

Brian Stoltz will celebrate the release of his latest double CD set, quite fittingly with a pair of shows at two Florida venues over the coming week.


January 01, 2002

"Preachin' the Blues: The Music of Mississippi Fred McDowell"
Telarc Records

On "Preaching the Blues," McDowell's sound is re-created with loving care by various artists...everybody on this album sounds like themselves."
"Everybody" includes blues masters Charlie Musselwhite, Tab Benoit and Brian Stoltz...

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