Brad Hooper

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Americana, Blues, Folk and Traditional


Albany Twp ME United States

Sounds Like

John Prine, John Hyatt, Arlo Guthrie

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Member since: 04/11/2014 Year Founded: 2009


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Brad Hooper

Albany Twp



  • Original material: 01 hrs : 30 min
  • Cover material: 02 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 3
  • CDs sold: 97
  • Digital songs sold: 15
  • Original Songs:
  • Average Draw: 33
  • Largest crowd: 245
  • Have sound: Full PA


In 2009, Hooper took his talent “off the farm and onto the stage.” (He finally learned how to play the guitar last Tuesday at 4 p.m.) Since that time, he has seen a consistently growing fan base, expanded show schedule and gained the respect of his contemporary peers.

2014 Maine Songwriters song contest finalist, Brad Hooper, has seen some great accomplishments in just a few short years. Recent milestones include a Portland Phoenix Best Music Poll 2013 nomination, outdoor concert series' in Cambridge, MA (2013,14), yearly Maine Blues Festival performer; seven festivals in 2014 and his weekly “Sunday Brunch with Brad” at Freedom Café in Naples, it is clear Hooper’s career path and talent are right on track. Brad is also excited about his inclusion in the North Atlantic Blues Festival lineup for 2015.

Originally from Chicago, Hooper moved to Maine, the land of his bloodlines, in 1980. No longer sure why he wanted it in the first place, Hooper racked up some serious “mileage” while growing up (questionable) and raising a family. Hooper has grown into a voice all his own. He writes and performs songs that are raw and intuitive; lyrics fueled by years of hard-mileage and universal-truths.

Chris Busby, editor of the Bollard in Portland, Maine, had this to say about Hooper’s debut CD, “Midnight at the Hilltop Hotel”: “This guy’s the real deal. No flash, no gimmicks, just solid guitar playing and soulful vocals,” — Chris Busby, The Bollard, July 2009

Quite often Hooper quietly takes the stage and proceeds to sing like it was the last thing he was going to do. His vocal quality often has him pegged as a “blues man,” but his content spans many genres making it difficult to pigeonhole the guy. Americana, roots, blues, folk, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

For more information or to listen to some of Hooper’s original music go to

Notable Career Highlights

Finalist in this year's Maine Songwriters Association song contest
Nominated for 2013 Portland Phoenix Best Music Poll (Blues) (2013)
Outdoor Concert Series' in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA (2013,14)
Weekly Show, Freedom Cafe - (2013, 14, 15)
Chicago Debut - Goose Island Brewery (2013)
Yearly Maine Blues Festival performer - (2012,13, 14, 15)
Third CD released: Scratchin’ out a Livin’ - (2013)
Performed 700+ professional shows
Cameo Sunday River video - (2012)
Great Falls TV - Maine Songwriters Show
EP Review: Portland Phoenix - (August 2011)
New CD: Memories & Mileage released (2011)
Portland Music Series Performer - (July 2011)
One Longfellow Square Songwriters Showcase
Worked with Award-winning producer Michael Rizzo w/Epic Soul Music (ABC, NBC, CBS, Disney, etc.)
Music City’s Larry Paxton (Top 10 US bass player) records for new CD
Air play on WBLM, WMPG, WCLZ, 2Kens Comedy
Excellent review, debut CD- The Bollard - Portland, Maine

Portland Phoenix

August 10, 2011
Sam Pfeifle

"The opener, 'Sinkin' Kind of Feelin',' is piano-fueled blues, almost dead-on Royal Albert Hall-era Clapton...when Hooper tells us 'if it wasn't for them blues, when I got this low, I'd have nothin' at all,' it spills out of him, like it was forced from within."

The Bollard

July 15, 2009
Chris Busby

This guy’s the real deal. No flash, no gimmicks, no solos, just solid guitar playing and soulful vocals.

Advertiser Democrat

May 14, 2009
Jackie Rybeck

"When people listen to Hooper’s music they will hear the truth from a soul that’s just a deeper shade of blue."

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