Box of Blue Rocks

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Rock, Boogie Woogie, Blues, Blues Flavoured Rock


Duluth GA United States

Sounds Like

Chuck Berry/Z.Z.Top/Beatles/Stevie Ray Vaughn all thrown in a blender set on "high"


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Member since: 08/24/2013 Year Founded: 2010


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Larry Funk


Singer / Songwriter / Musician 470-553-9105


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"Box Of Blue Rocks" is a solo studio project which is the brainchild of Songwriter/Multi-instrumentalist/Vocalist Larry Funk (a.k.a. TheFunxtr). The current album that is nearing completion, "Vibrational VooDoo", features a dozen selections of hard-driving, toe-tapping, hip-thrusting (oh yeah ... you know!) guitar fueled tunes. But even though the guitar leads the attack, the lyrics on this album are incredibly intelligent and creative, from the first track "Vampire Blues" featuring a story from the tortured mind of a man whose wife has been turned vampire and now hunts him, to the title track "Vibrational VooDoo" featuring thought provoking insights to the moment a band on the caliber of Led Zeppelin (for example) steps onto the stage in front of a massive energized crowd chanting their name.

“Box of Blue Rocks emits a hard edged, Blues infused, Rockin' Concoction that is Sautéed in Shuffle, Broiled in Boogie, Basted with a little R&B and then thrown straight into the fire ‘til it’s just downright CRUNCHY!" (Pete Savazz; S.B.Studio)

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