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Location Burns, TN


1010 Garton Road Burns TN 37029 United States
PHONE 615.881.2918


Member since: 03/03/2015 Year Founded: 2013
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Wes Bowker

Nashville | Dickson | Franklin



Hi, my name is Wes Bowker and I run a photography business known as Bowker Photo. Since you’ve found this page, I bet you already gathered that much. From the Nashville, Tennessee area, I’ve spent most of my life building a music career as a singer/songwriter. Early on I did what any starving artist building their portfolio would do, and featured my own self-portraits in all of my promotional material. Over time, through friendships made in the Nashville Songwriting and Acting communities, I began taking promotional portraits and head shots for clients on the side while continuing in pursuit of my first love, music. In early 2013 I decided to establish my own photography brand and business, taking a leap in which I am still enjoying the ride. And so, I understand firsthand the need for music, acting, modeling talent to establish their image early on and to maintain throughout their career commercially via online, prints, and even a runway. I’ve been fortunate in my unique connection to the entertainment industry by spending time on both sides of the camera, and so I continue to help my Nashville Area clients refine their own portfolio by producing creative images that maintain the talent’s image integrity.