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Bossman Homicide




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  • Average Draw: 60
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Bossman Homicide was born Timothy Littles Jr. on November 6th, 1989 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Oldest of three(one brother, one sister) Timothy had to grow up fast and at a young age become a mature member of the household hence the term "Bossman" later becoming the root of his stage name. Being "in love" with music since the age of 6, a young Bossman Homicide had a exceptional "Ear for Music." It wasn't until relocating to Atlanta Georgia as an adolescent where he found a skill in writing and recording. The "Homicide" added to latter part of the name expresses metaphorically how well he uses his craft and demonstrates those skills.

Littles is a single father of 3 sons. Bossman Homicide released his two debut singles in 2017 titled "Stick" and "For Real" respectively. The two records demonstrate Bossman Homicide's "artistic variety" hearing that he is singing and rapping on both songs.

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