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Atlanta GA United States

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Boris is a Hip Hop & R&b Artist & Songwriter born & raised in Atlanta,Ga with a unique creative ,talent also a musically genius.
His Grandmother took him & his two older sisters in as toddlars. He grew up listening singing & harmonizing R&b & Oldies classics with them.
Boris even participated in music & band classes in school. There he discovered his dreams love & passion he had for music.
In elementary school he song his first solo performance at a PTA meeting In front of his fellow classmates , parents & afterward was offered to join The National Male Choir.
Every Since he's been writing his own songs and lyrics.
As he got older and became more expose and active in the world and began listening to other different genres of music. with Hip Hop having the biggest impact on his life, he also stated that not only does he loves hip hop but he understands its true meaning beyond its content.
In 2001 at the age 14 Boris set up his first home recording studio at his mothers house and begin recording himself & friends .
Over the last 15 years he has remained an independent artist & songwriter.
Performances of his art at family events made him become comfortable with doing live stage performances. His astonishing energy always matches the song tempo as the crowd listens for the next sentence while on the tip of there toes moving to the rhythm.
By growing up in poverty & witnessing the verbal mental physical neglect & abuse allows him to approach this music industry in a loud aggressive demanding but still peaceful manner.
Hoping to motivated the youth and people all over the world who shares similar life conditions as himself growing up.
Boris is non-violent & enjoy spending time with family and friends.

I believe Boris will set a new wave for this music industry.
Motivating & giving hope to the less fortunate people with dreams & ideas like himself to change the world and make a difference.
Boris life on everyday basis has the biggest impact on his music . As he would say "I'm a Sophicated brother I was raised by the crooks"
Well known for his catchy hooks and brilliant punch lines.
As of today he Is Currently working on releasing numerous of songs & projects this 2016 year. Including his single I'm From Atlanta . He continues working with other underground artists and perfecting his craft & will keep you posted on his latest videos,photos, single release dates & upcoming show events.
Be on the look out for Boris Hip Hop new rising star. Without a doubt in my mind this youngman will change hip hop for ever.

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