Blue Black Hours

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Rock, Acid rock, Psychedelic rock, Progressive Rock Jam bands, Stoner Rock More...


Detroit MI United States

Sounds Like

Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Janes Addiction, Pink Floyd

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Member since: 05/09/2012 Year Founded: 2009


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Scott Lyon


Guitar 248.842.1476
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John Spurrier


Bass/vocals 248.632.8064


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What does BLUE BLACK HOURS sound like?....a dose of Raw Heavy Groove-orientated Psychedelic Prog Rock-N-Roll from Detroit, shaded in mystique dark overtones with an aura of light surrounding!!...Imagine a crossbreed of Hawkwind, The Doors and Black Sabbath!

Detroit Underground on-line magazine

October 31, 2011
Francesca Triglia

"Blue Black Hours, a psychedelic meets alt rock three-piece, opened the show amidst a profuse billow of simulated smoke, cascading ten feet into the growing crowd, causing one acerbic fan to cry out wryly, “More smoke please! Turn the smoke up to eleven!” The literal haze aptly mirrored the figurative haze overlaying the set of tunes they were to emit. The murky vapor finally lifted to reveal kaleidoscopic visages being projected onto a hastily hung old bed sheet, adding to the laid-back, but trippy vibe. You could almost see the black light and lava lamps that would have littered the room. Blue Black Hours’ sound lies somewhere in the fog between late 60′s/early 70′s acid rock and the more melancholic sounds of 90′s alternative, with a touch of moody metal thrown in for good measure. Lead singer and bassist John Spurrier succinctly characterized it as “Cream meets Radiohead.” There were clear influences of Doors, Pink Floyd, and Hendrix, alongside the more veiled subtleties of Black Sabbath and Tool. For a three-piece, their sound is disarmingly rich and layered; using their instrumentation to it’s fullest advantage. Scott Lyon’s extended guitar meanders were a welcome temper to Spurrier’s slow-jamming bass lines and Terry B’s metallic clattering behind the kit, whose feral style can only be likened to Animal from the Muppets. Spurrier moaned his amalgamation of Jim Morrison, Robert Plant, Trent Reznor and even, at times, early Bono inspired vocals from beneath the wide brim of an Amish felt hat. This is the kind of music you want playing while spacing out, some evening, on a bean bag in your pal’s semi-finished basement after a batch of home-grown brownies and hours of Ren and Stimpy reruns. Blue Black Hours interspersed loitering melodic wailing grooves with symbol-crashing LSD-induced rock rife with a crude, homespun grit, making for an enjoyably abstract if not schizophrenic experience."

Metro Times

March 03, 2011
Dave Knepp

"It’s a gift to not sound like you’re copping another
era and do it as if you are in that era. BBH
sounds of heavy Brit blues-rock circa ’69, when
Blue Cheer was acid and Taste went unnoticed,
when Free were still pups and Humble Pie began
to nearly rule the planet. And then there was
Leslie West comin’ down the mountain. Yowsie!"

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