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Singer songwriter, Pop, Rock


New York NY United States

Sounds Like

Bloom...maybe Alanis Morrisette a smidge?


Indie/Phase 5ive Music

Digital Location


Member since: 08/01/2012 Year Founded: 1987


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Lindsay Bloom


Performer 937.540.0826


  • Original material: 02 hrs : 00 min
  • Average Draw: 300
  • Largest crowd: 5,000
  • Have sound: No PA
  • Original Songs:
  • CDs released: 1
  • CDs sold: 1200
  • Digital songs sold: 850


Originally from Cleveland, Lindsay Bloom began her musical career at the age of 4, as her older brother taught her to memorize the rap songs of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.

It wasn't long until Lindsay was up on stage and local store countertops performing her newly learned rap routines with her leather jacket and dark shades.

As she discovered her love of performing, Lindsay got involved in the local theater community and was in countless productions throughout the city. When her teenage years approached, it looked like she'd never make it as a rap star, and Lindsay picked up the guitar. Almost immediately, she put her thoughts and feelings in the form of songs and since then has filled up notebooks of catchy tunes inspired by real-life situations and experiences. For example, "Without You" the subject of her first music video:

Lindsay started performing at area coffee-houses and bars and soon began to gather attention from local media, producers and labels.

In 2000, she moved to New York City to pursue her interest in acting and attended the New York School for Film and Television for an intensive training program. After a couple years of living in NYC, and appearances in television shows including Saturday Night Live, Lindsay couldn't escape her passion to sing.

Now, Lindsay, who now leads her own band "Bloom", which is for her name sake. When asked why "Bloom", "She explains that the word "Bloom" itself has so many positive possibilities. To bloom is to evolve, to grow and that I've done as a performer, singer and songwriter. To Bloom... is energy unleashed!" I will still work as a solo artist, but I think the Band Bloom will add a dimension to who I am as an artist and my stage presentation.

As of late, Lindsay and the Band Bloom, have been writing songs and touring in cities across the U.S.

Lindsay, has appeared at songwriter’s showcases in Nashville to playing Sullivan Hall in New York.

Lindsay's, belief is to give some back with her charity work. She’s performed several benefit concerts on behalf of the Human Rights Campaign in Cleveland, Indianapolis, Washington DC. Bloom’s music has been gathering the attention of local and national media, and was named SHE magazines feature Indie Rock artist for the month.

Her debut CD, “BOOK OF MY MIND," is available on iTunes, cdbaby, and various recorded music outlets throughout the U.S.

Cleveland Jewish News

July 01, 2012
Jennifer Daddario

“READ HER MIND ON YOUR STEREO... Cleveland songstress Lindsay Bloom releases her debut album. During her early college years, Lindsay Bloom, now 26, didn’t spend her weekends meeting friends or going out to parties. Instead, the Beachwood native was living her dream, driving home from Ohio State University every weekend to work on her song album. Bloom, a singer/songwriter and guitarist, who describes herself as a younger variation of Melissa Etheridge, worked on the album while she was signed under an independent label. But it was never released due to contract issues, she says. “It was disappointing that I dedicated so much time to something that couldn’t be used,” she relates. “So I just took a break (from music) for awhile.” Bloom is now promoting her finally completed album “Book of my Mind” by playing shows, including her first show in her hometown at The Boneyard on Mayfield Road, in Mayfield Sat., Aug. 18. Her CD is also for sale in Indianapolis music stores and ”
Jennifer Daddario - Cleveland Jewish News

Whatzup Magazine

November 01, 2008

“Book of My Mind couldn't have been more aptly titled. With her debut CD Lindsay Bloom allows listeners into her head to hear her most personal thoughts and feelings, and she does so in a way that almost leaves you exhausted, though still wanting more. Sure, comparisons to more-established artists like Michelle Branch, Loeb and Morissette are unavoidable, but Bloom is undoubtedly her own person. She seems to be one of those rare artists that have something relevant to say and is also able to convey that message clearly to her listeners. Bloom is the real deal; there is absolutely no question. Make sure to check out her web page at to preview some tracks and order this CD.
CH - WhatzUp Magazine

Indy's Alternative Voice

September 01, 2008
Paul F.P. Pogue

“Singer-songwriter Lindsay Bloom started out in Cleveland, Ohio, but recently moved to Indianapolis. Her shows range in size from solo performances to a full band, depending on the venue; her BRFMF performance will be at the Indy Hostel, one of the city’s most intimate stages.”
Paul F. P. Pogue - NUVO - Indy's Alternative Voice

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