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Metal, Modern rock, Southern rock, High Octane Rock


Huntsville AL United States

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AIC, Brother Cane, King's X, Tesla

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Member since: 03/27/2014 Year Founded: 1994


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Jimmy Rusidoff


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Craig Smoot

Owens Cross Roads

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David McCullough



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  • Average Draw: 200
  • Largest crowd: 500
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Before there was the "SOCIETY" (4 years before, as a matter of fact)... there was only one band with enough sack to bear the name: BLACK LABEL.

"High Octane Rock" is the self-coined phrase that best sums up what this Huntsville[AL]-based quartet is all about. Basically put; a group of fun-loving, high-energy, full-on, balls-out, straightforward, no bullshit rockers from the South, but with a unique style, wisdom and savoir-faire that transcends most other bands of equal years. Our music is as diverse as the backgrounds we come from, thus everything that has gone into making up who we are as musicians also goes into the music we write and perform. We are a band that writes from the heart despite whatever "Flavor Of The Month" sound may be hip at the time. No matter what others may try and label us ... our creative boundaries know no limits within their labeling.

The band originally formed in August of 1994 and now consists of: Craig Smoot (Guitar + Vocals), David McCullough (Lead Vocals), Tim Humlicek (Drums + Vocals) and Jimmy Rusidoff (Bass). We garnered a couple endorsements along the way from killer gear makers such as Rivera Amplification and EMG Pickups, and we've performed numerous shows in and around the NoAL (North Alabama) area, as well as opened for such National acts as: The Pat Travers Band, Brother Cane, Jackyl, Red Halo, The Eric Gales Band, Col. Bruce Hampton and the Joe Stark Band.

Early 2001 saw the release of our second album, ..the Eclectic Redneck Revolution has begun..., which showcases the band's growth as both a creative unit and as musicians, and captures our many musical sides and moods. We stretched and pushed past the envelope defined by our debut, confusing those quick to pigeonhole us, yet all the while we kept a firm grasp on our vision to write from the heart and let the music do the talking for us. Since then we have been working on the next batch of incomparable Label tunes, and are already beginning pre-production work for the third album slated for release whenever the hell we can get to it.

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