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BlackHeart Family (BHF), is a dedicated group of young promising Rap/Hip-hop artists from the Philly, New York, and Delaware area. Music had been in the hearts of siblings Darien “YungNice” Robinson(CEO), Derrick “Kash” Robinson(CFO), and Dynishia “Donnie” Robinson(CIO) since childhood. The three of them later found their biggest motivation after the loss of their beloved mother.
Family is the base of the organization, loyalty and respect are the roots; artists: Javon “Jive” Owens, Big Man, Queen Mya, and Blk Steel became apart of BHF based on those values. Together these artist plan to use their talents to be make a difference and to reach heights of achievements beyond those before them.
“We stand for good music and we bring culture from different angles through our music.”
- YungNice, CEO

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