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toledo OH United States

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wu tang/mf doom/mos def/ice cube

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Member since: 01/13/2013 Year Founded: 2006


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Joe Mckinney


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  • Original material: 10 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 4
  • CDs sold: 500
  • Digital songs sold: 1100
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  • Average Draw: 150
  • Largest crowd: 300
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Blacc Suhn's journey began in the string section of his elementary school band, so its no surprise he takes advantage of his intimate knowledge on his latest studio project, The Expressionist. Expanding on his earlier efforts with a more focused nostalgia and subtle edge, Blacc Suhn, (born Joe E. McKinney in Huntington, TN) makes happen what others have tried and failed, accomplishing a new style of hip hop that continues in all of it's greatest traditions.

It's not just the music that proves diverse, the artist has developed through successfully promoting his maxi-single in Florida, performing live throughout his home turf and gaining international sales with his studio release. Blacc Suhn accomplished this by building a more electronic base, mastering percussion tools such as the 606, 808, ASR10; yet stayed true to his love of music by continuing to play keyboards. The result this time out achieves the perfect meld between real instruments and synthesized sound.

While his gifts with the cello allow his sound to simmer in jazz, his deep love of hip hop shines through. The influence of artists such as Wu-Tang Clan,Public Enemy, Scarface, Ice Cube and MF DOOM; produces a lyrical vibe that masters the art of storytelling and dexterous wordplay. Blacc Suhn shows what he knows through his music from Blue Collar Hustle to Blacc Suhn is...ForeverFresh to Rise of the Machines. Each project in his catalog strives for a sound that tells his story and succeeds in telling the story of hip hop.

Blacc Suhn excels to true EMCEE when his lyrics are paired with gritty charismatic hip hop beats. The artist has tuned into making music that truly reflects his style but for him any new meaning of hip hop pays homage to its roots. If you ask him about it he'll tell you, “I really hate what hip hop has become. It has grown into a cesspool of copycat music and lyrics driven by greed.”

Blacc Suhn's answer to that encourages the blending of jazz ingenuity, soul inflections and hard core lyrical portraits. Whether discussing the music business, politics or the realities of the streets, the artist keeps you connected while staying energetic. Blacc Suhn has worked with collaborators such as Morbski, K-2-DA, Mr. Rite, Digital Cris and Jonny Lupo, who represent a wide range of styles. His experiences led him to always stay outside the box and the payoff allows him to evolve even while maintaining a consistent and professional performance. For his efforts, Blacc Suhn's listeners are treated to a show of deep passion for all types of music merged from a variety influences into one symphonic sound.

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