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Location Phoenix, AZ


4322 N. 7th Ave Phoenix AZ 85013 United States
PHONE 602.248.9297 FAX 602.248.0337


Member since: 06/26/2011 Year Founded: 1976
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Jason Holleman



Bizarre Guitar was established in 1976 by Bob Turner in central Phoenix after years of wheeling & dealing vintage and used guitars from his apartment. Bizarre Guitar opened with 11 used guitars in a 300sf space! New guitars were added in 1978, Martin being the first with drums added in 1983. Of course, all this new gear required more space and the store has moved several times over the years. Bizarre Guitar is now 5000sf packed with over 1000 guitars, drums, amps, and P.A. Bob is a renowned expert in vintage guitars and has bought and sold 1000s worldwide. His client list includes famous musicians, personalities, actors and artists. He has co-authored and contributed to numerous guitar textbooks and trade magazines. Over the decades, Bob has sold the kind of vintage guitars that would make a grown guitarist cry (and he does when he thinks about some of them)!

Contact our excellent staff: Stu, Brandon, Donnie, and Jason

Authorized Dealer: We are an authorized dealer of all brands listed on our website. We are a brick & mortar store dealing in New, Used, and Vintage. We guarantee that your purchase will be absolutely new and factory fresh unless noted as "used".

How to Purchase: You can contact us by phone at 602-248-9297 to purchase any product. Due to manufacturers' policies regarding brick & mortar stores, we cannot sell directly from this website as stated in the dealer contracts. We wish that were not so, but have no control over this policy.

Payment: By phone or mail purchase, we will ONLY accept bank-to-bank wire transfer. It's easy! We can give you instructions and your bank will handle the transfer. They can also charge it to your credit card. We do NOT accept checks. We will accept credit cards in-store only with proper ID. Sorry but too many crooks have spoiled it for everyone else.

Shipping: We ship within the 50 U.S. states via FEDEX. Shipping rates depend upon weight, size and zone. If you reside outside the U.S., please arrange your own shipping and contact us with instructions, we will have it ready for pickup. Sorry, due to the increased paperwork for customs since 9/11, we no longer process international shipping from our end.

Returns: We will accept returns for trade-in and/or store credit only. Any items returned will be listed as "used" and return credit adjusted accordingly. You may recieve full purchase price store credit if item is returned within 24 hours with no sign of use(although still re-inventoried as "used").

Customer Service: We try harder! We manage to compete with the corporate stores by having very competitive prices(many times better than corporate stores). We are Honest!!! New inventory is "new", and returned inventory is "used". We provide a very knowledgeable staff of excellent musicians, and great service. All of our instruments are set-up, cleaned, tuned, and maintained regularly. We also do some repairs and after-market additions.

Appraisals: We do write appraisals for insurance purposes but we must be able to view the product up close and personal so you'll need to bring it in or ship it to our store and pay return shipping. We are vintage experts and have valued guitars for well over $100,000. Each appraisal is $40 with discount for multiple items.

Vintage: We do buy and sell vintage, mainly guitars but occasionally drums and amps. They do come in and go out at a speedy pace. In fact, sometimes they're sold before they get here. If you have something for sale, please call us.


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