Beautiful Small Machines

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Indie, Pop, Folk rock, Electronic Electro-twang More...


New York City NY United States

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Ting Tings


Velvet Elk Records

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Member since: 12/10/2014 Year Founded: 2009


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Don DiLego

New York



  • Original material: 02 hrs : 30 min
  • Average Draw: 150
  • Largest crowd: 200
  • Have sound: No PA
  • Original Songs: 20
  • CDs released: 3
  • CDs sold: 10000000000


Bree Sharp and Don DiLego forged a successful writing partnership almost 15 years ago during the making of Bree's debut album, A Cheap and Evil Girl (Trauma 1999), which featured the wryly-scripted, cult hit “David Duchovny (Why Won't You Love Me)”, and Don’s critically praised, The Lonestar Hitchhiker (Universal-Kingcuts 2001). After completing work on what would have been Bree’s fourth solo release, the duo decided instead to scrap what was mostly a straightforward acoustic album for a sound that incorporated the eclectic and electric collection of mis-matched instruments strewn throughout Don’s Velvet Elk Studios. They created an audio collage without editing themselves, hi-fidelity at times forsaken, and birthed a quasi sci-fi based, fantasy, retro-twang-rock, pop-folk montage...perfectly highlighted on their debut EP, Robots in Love (Velvet Elk 2008). Featuring the heart breaking and biting lyrics that Bree has become acclaimed for, and Don’s unique production and songwriting antics in tow. BSM have gone on to release SImple Joys EP (Velvet Elk 2010), featuring Simon LeBon from Duran Duran, and their “internet hit” banjo pop version of MIA’s Paper Planes (Velvet Elk 2012). Additionally, their music has found a wider audience through the popularity of their music in commercials and tv, (especially “SuperConductor”,) which has been featured by Victoria’s Secret, Intel, MasterCard, Starz, Castle, and 90210.

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